Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Long Time No See and Mango Madness

Seems like yesterday I was writing about denim in anticipation of my trip to Turkey. And my new Mango denim shirt was a hit (for me). But that was in August and now it's almost November, and I haven't written anything since then. What is it called? A blogcation?
Anyway, I figured that if Mango was a good way to end the blog before the break, it would be an excellent way to bring it back to life. Back in August I joined the "Mango shoppers' club" that allows you to earn points, gives you a 25% discount during your birthday month and is supposed to bring good fortune in general. Meaning that they love you more than all the other shoppers. I'm just babbling here.
Here are my favorites that now reside in my wardrobe (all pictures are from the Mango website).
Distressed (much) boyfriend jeans. I sized up because I already have Gap boyfriend jeans (less distressed) that are half-size too tight. These jeans definitely require a belt. And if I decide to wear them on my hips, I must wear heels.

So I bought these heels. They are surprizingly comfortable. The shop also had them in nude but I decided not to overdo it. Classic black patent pumps. Who needs more than that?

Not quite fitting for boyfriend jeans, but a dream for skinnies is this loose sweater which I bought in cream with black dots. I've seen this kind of a sweater on other shopping sites. I got size L which is quite roomy, but that's the idea.

And finally, I got this faux-leather jacket. I wanted a moto jacket for this season but couldn't justify paying big bucks for real leather. This one cost about 70 US$ and it's a good quality fitted jacket which I got in size M. No chunky knits then. Oh well. I chose dark brown and I can't wait to wear it out. Come on, winter!!!

This season Mango has an exceptionally great selection of boots. I didn't buy any because I have enough winter footwear (she says!). But I asked the SA to call me if these guys ever make it to Israel.
I saw Adele wear them on her blog here and liked the look.
This concludes the October post extravaganza. I'm off to my favorite second-hand shop with a friend. I'll share if I find anything interesting. Till then.


  1. Great to see you back, Tanya! I love your picks - good call on the black pumps.

    1. Hi Sheila! You know, I wrote that post and started counting all my black pumps in my head. I think I have quite a few... Hmmm