Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Another Purple Day

In the yesterday's post I wrote about blogs inspiration. I posted some pictures of my purple shoes... which inspired today's outfit. Mind you, I just wore the same purple dress. And purple trench. And the amethyst ring.

I got this trench couple of weeks ago and it's my third time wearing it. It was 70% off which was more than nice. It's quite thin even for Israeli winter, but the day was warm and sunny. This is my morning shot in the elevator, they finally reinstalled the mirror, thank you very much.

After work I went to Zara to check out their end of season stuff. I tried on a dress but didn't buy it. Instead I tried to take my photos which was a bit awkward. This is me trying to look nonchalant. Oh, I'm just checking my messages!

Then the corner cleared up and I took this one. Check out the party dresses on the left! I touched the fabric - they are so stiff they could probably walk on their own!

At work it's the usual mess. Our server gave up the ghost, it's in the lab since yesterday, and we couldn't open the programs we work on. No access to the customers files, no necessary forms, nothing. So all the stuff had to be done manually which means we'll have to key it in later. And the pile is growing... So it was a stupid day. But it's over now, at least for me, and I don't have to go back till Thursday noon.
Tomorrow I'll be working at home, translating a cool police show. It has a great opening song by the Blind Boys of Alabama. I even downloaded it on my cell as a ringtone. I especially like the words "you gotta keep the devil way down in the hole". Everyone has their own devil that has to be kept in the hole. Good luck to us all with that.

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