Saturday, September 22, 2012

Yellow Repeat

Last week I had to run some errands, a great opportunity to get dressed in something else but house shorts. I decided to wear my yellow Zara top again but this time with denim clamdiggers and flats. Last time I wore this top here with exactly the same necklace.

The top fits much better now because I opened up the seams a little bit. It used to be way too tight.

I finished the seams by hand, it doesn't look too "professional" but you can't really tell. I'm quite happy with the result.

I can't wait for the heat to go away. The blogosphere is full of autumn talk and outfits, and I'm so jealous!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Welcome, Normann!

We had an interesting week. Last Sunday morning we had an addition to our family. After a long two-month wait we finally got an iguana. We assume it's a "he" and his name is Normann (Kid's idea). Normann travelled all the way from Florida and ended up in Kid's bedroom. The interior decoration of the terrarium has improved since these pictures were taken. Meaning, we put a blue rug on the floor instead of newspaper and a nice picture against the back wall.

Normann just sits around all day which is to be expected. He doesn't eat much and doesn't drink even though I put a little water bowl in there. The terrarium is supposed to be hot and humid, so some water is not going to hurt anybody.

We're supposed to hold him for at least 10 minutes every day, so that he gets used to people. It's a bit tricky because he scratches and tries to escape. My hands look like they belong to a 12-year old kid that just got a new kitten.

We put some toys in the terrarium, Normann just climbs on and sits on them.

I'm not really sure what to feed him. The information on the internet is really conflicting, some sites say "yes to lettuce", other sites say "no". So far I figured out that Normann likes cucumbers, lettuce and arugula leaves, he likes pears and doesn't like grated carrots and zuccini. I'm planning to get some bouganvillea leaves from my neighbors garden because I saw a youtube clip of an iguana eating them.

Right now priority number one is to protect Normann from Snooker who is wandering aroung like a tiger, trying to lift the lid (he succeeded once already), making threatening miaows and generally being a pain in the ass. Normann tries to scare Snooker away by inflating his beard. I don't think is going to help so I just close the door.

Can't say my life is boring.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Running Around

Yesterday I had some running to do. Bunch of errands including getting a new passport instead of the expired one (missed it completely!), getting the last of the schoolbooks for the Kid, buying a birthday gift for my Mom (hello, Lancome loose powder) and an attempt to visit the employment office which turned out to be shut in the morning (The bastards! Who'd have thought they didn't work all the time being the employment office!!!)
That's why I wore my most comfortable dress. I admit, it makes me look like I have linebackers shoulders. But it didn't really matter. It was so hot and sweaty outside, I could cry.
Generally I dislike dresses with "ears" but I bought this one for the color. And my Zara sandals perfectly go with it.

I had some time to kill between my appointments. So I popped into the mall to see if H&M had the dress I'd been stalking and to take my picture in one of their dressing rooms. Both missions were accomplished. Here is the picture.

And here is the dress. It should be perfect for our vacation if we ever get the tickets on such short notice.

After finishing the passport business at the local branch of Ministery of Interior I came home and we had a little celebration for my Mom. Happy Birthday, Mom!!!

And in the evening I drove to my Kid's school for the parents-teachers meet up. I wore my new dalmatian skirt and a plain white tee with flats. The skirt material is a bit stiff and it felt kind of tight. Looks like I need to rethink my diet. I'm spending most of the time at my desk translating. I do stuff around the house but it's not really that energy consuming. Dog walks are short (he's 8 years old and not into long trips around the fields anymore).

After school I went into yet another mall to replace the school logo on Kid's t-shirt that came off. They did it for free, so for the first time in my life I entered a mall with 4 shekels in my wallet (about a buck) and left the mall with the same amount of money.  Here I am in the logo-sticker shop, trying to sneak a photo.

And doing the same in the Mango chain-store.

My necklace matched the skirt even a little too perfectly. It looks like stone but it's plastic, I've had it for years but hardly ever wear it.

It was a long day. Came home, watched the Mentalist and went to bed. I'll be home for the rest of the week.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Coral Skirt and a Cat Disguise

 Yesterday I met with my friend from ex-work (sounds nice to say that). We had a pleasant breakfast at a mall cafe. Yes, we met up at our mall, she had to go to work at noon so we decided not to stray too far from the office.

 It was a great chance to wear my coral skirt for the first time. It's really tough to photograph the color. Out of three attempts below the first one is the closest to real life. Pardon the flip-flops in the corner, I didn't even notice they were there.

We mostly hang out at H&M and that dalmatian print skirt in the last photo came home with me. It's the same cut as the coral skirt, just different color. I'm buying in multiples...

Went to visit my friend at her shop in the afternoon. My Kid came over to drag my chatty butt home. So we had a little photosession and this is the best result. No violation of my friend's privacy and no need to blur her face, just use the cat as a prop and you're all set.

This is a street cat, but he hangs out in the shop as much as he can. My friend feeds him and all the other strays are always welcome to come in for a bite.

 Tomorrow I have to go and have my passport renewed. There are rumors of flying to Marmaris at the end of September. We'll see, we'll see.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Orange Pants

So here I was, thinking that once I'm done with my job I'll never to to the mall again. But the other day my Mom asked me if I wanted to go there with her. She wanted to buy a dress and maybe something else and of course, it's more fun shopping with me than with my Dad who bugs her all the time to go home.
And off we went. I put on my trusty golden flats, easy going shorts and a stretchy top.

Didn't plan or want to spend any money. But I had to return something at the H&M. So this is me in the dressing rooms, trying to take my own pictures.

The dressing room was so tiny! Next time I'll try and get the corner one.

I returned the pair of jeans, added a couple of shekels and got myself a nice winter dress. It's hanging in the closet right now as it is too hot just to look at it.

In another news, I had a job interview yesterday. They'll let me know, but if it goes well I'll start in about a month and a half. It's another secretarial / administrative position but without dealing with people directly. This company mostly works with different organizations and corporations. We'll see if I get the job or not. So far I'm not even sure I really want it but it seems like a good opportunity and it would be a shame to miss out on it in the current situation.

In the meantime, I'm off to translate a very annoying animated show with a certain roundheaded buffoon. Guess which one it is!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Popular Colors

Lately I've seen this color combination a lot (several fashion blogs and magazines). I like it, so why not try it especially if I have matching flats!
The flats are probably the most expensive item here, they are leather inside and out. Very soft and comfortable.

I wore this outfit to the mall on Friday. I went there to exchange the jeans I bought for the Kid. They were too tight, so I had to go up a size even though he'll have to wear them with a belt.

Having returned the jeans I popped into a quaint little shop that sells all kinds of knick-knacks for the house, pretty vases and stuff. The shop is not cheap, so I was just looking around when I spied these pretties in the back.

These are Ivanka Trump Amoro pumps. They had a small section full of shoes and dresses, all relatively expensive, but this was the last pair of the Amoros left - and in my size. She said that if I want them she'll knock 40 bucks off. Well, I'm weak. I'm very weak. My credit card jumped out of my wallet before I could say "yes"... Oh well, they are classic and well made. And I'll wear them one day.

And now I'll be at home, working.