Sunday, September 2, 2012

Popular Colors

Lately I've seen this color combination a lot (several fashion blogs and magazines). I like it, so why not try it especially if I have matching flats!
The flats are probably the most expensive item here, they are leather inside and out. Very soft and comfortable.

I wore this outfit to the mall on Friday. I went there to exchange the jeans I bought for the Kid. They were too tight, so I had to go up a size even though he'll have to wear them with a belt.

Having returned the jeans I popped into a quaint little shop that sells all kinds of knick-knacks for the house, pretty vases and stuff. The shop is not cheap, so I was just looking around when I spied these pretties in the back.

These are Ivanka Trump Amoro pumps. They had a small section full of shoes and dresses, all relatively expensive, but this was the last pair of the Amoros left - and in my size. She said that if I want them she'll knock 40 bucks off. Well, I'm weak. I'm very weak. My credit card jumped out of my wallet before I could say "yes"... Oh well, they are classic and well made. And I'll wear them one day.

And now I'll be at home, working.


  1. Those pumps are beautiful. Mama always said you can never go wrong with a classic almond toe pump.

    1. Oh, as I went to bed at night I wanted to take them with me. Do you ever sleep with coolest things you bought? Do I sound totally nuts?