Thursday, August 30, 2012


Having spent a whole day (!) at home yesterday, I had to go grocery shopping today. And, as my husband changed his jobs yet again, I have "lost" the car which I've had for the last month and a half. So I teamed up with my parents and we drove to Ashdod. I decided to wear my floor-length skirt with flats.
I took this photo in the living room. The sunlight is directly behind me which highlighted all the fingerprints on the mirror and turned my head into a fuzzy cloud. And made me look like I don't know what, a Darth Vader in a skirt perhaps?

So I managed to snap a picture at the supermarket. Apparently they had a sale going on.
Wearing a floor-length skirt in the supermarket is a challenge. I forever had to grab and lift the hem in order to avoid all kinds of spills on the floor. Yikes.

People were looking at me funny and here is the reason. Yet another Zara necklace. Totally not my style but there is something about these bugs that I like.

I bought some school t-shirts for the Kid. They don't have a complete uniform but wear plain t-shirts with the school logo on the chest. I was given a list of permitted colors, so had to comply. And I got him some more blue jeans really cheap. Hopefully they fit him so I don't have to go back and exchange them. The price was ridiculous - get one for 15 bucks and get 50% off for the second pair. They are not premium denim brand name jeans, but they should be perfect for school.

It was a busy morning.


  1. A floor length swishy skirt is one of my most favorite things! Love, love, love the necklace!

  2. That skirt sure hides "a multitude of sins" as Faux Fuchsia says. And those bugs (or flies) are so weird that people were giving me strange looks. I guess now that I work from home I have to entertain myself :)