Thursday, August 16, 2012


I'm not working at the office this week which resulted in lack of OOTD posts. Those days when we went out and I actually dressed in something else rather than shorts and a tank top, I didn't take any photos.

So here are some pictures from the end of last week.

The first outfit was meant as a backdrop for my huge Zara necklace. Too bad the lighting is so dim, you can't see the colors.

The closeup didn't help with the colors but I like how the outfit came out anyway.

And this is a backdrop for the bright orange bag. Maybe next time I'll wear the bag with the strap, the lock is quite weak and the bag kept popping open, plus it got in my way when I tried to do something other than pose - I had to stick it under my arm to free my hand.

The Zara top I'm wearing here is one of the few leopard tops I have left. I think I have two or three, and this is the only summer one. At some point I've had leopard overload, collected all of them and took to the second hand store. I still have two leopard dresses and some shoes though, I'm not getting rid of those.

Tomorrow we're taking the kid to the Dinosaur exhibit in Tel Aviv. Hope he likes it.

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