Thursday, August 2, 2012


Looking at my pictures I get "surer and surer" that it's not a good idea buying something just because it's inexpensive and looks good on a hanger. I'm talking about this top. The material is cheap, it keeps riding up even though the size is right, and the transparent panel in the front is just left hanging there on it's own. But when you pull the top down, it actually looks good for a couple of minutes, so I forgave it.

My dear cousin brought me these wedge sandals and I wore them next day. They are so comfortable!!

This is my nostalgic set. I bought the necklace in Vancouver at Claire's when the Y-necklaces were so "in". I'm so glad I kept it. It's a bit dainty for my present taste but I still love it. And the earrings are from a little shop in Corfu-town.

My "Captain Hook" bracelet. I like the crudeness of the hook. This bracelet is the answer to my inner "Hell's Angel".  Yes, I have a dark-ish side. I wore studded "heavy metal" belts and stuff in my early twenties. You couldn't get much in those days (in communist Russia), but we had the music and a few accessories.

Dark side is nice, but I combined the rocker chains with pretty pearls. This is my other arm. Bead bracelet is my cousin's gift, the silver Tiffany-style bracelet is a relatively recent find and the Swatch is from the Charles de Gaulle duty-free, bought in 2008 on my way home from Paris.

Oh boy, what's with all this nostalgia?

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