Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Sixties Vibe

Last night, half asleep, I pictured in my mind what I was going to wear today. Got up this morning... got myself a gun. No, not really. But I got dressed and realized as I was running out of the house that it was something completely different from the last night image.

The outfit planning started from this necklace. Sometimes I start with the shoes. Today it was this Zara choker.

Here I am, first thing in the morning, with coffee.

This top reminds me of "Magic City" and something that Vera would wear. Her skirt would be longer, but otherwise the vibe is pretty close.

The shopping bag in my hand was not chosen intentionally. It contains swimming shorts for my son. But the color is just perfect like this H&M skirt.

I went grocery shopping after work, so I changed into my trusty flip-flops that I left in the car. I'm all about comfort when pushing shopping cart around.

Have you seen the new collection at Zara? All those reds and suede? I love it!

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