Thursday, August 23, 2012


Believe it or not, but the Zara sale that started on June 21st is still going on. Of course, all the good stuff is long gone, but you can still find some gems on the remaining racks. That's how I ended up with this black top for about 10 bucks.

Of course, with my photography skills and the fact that people were giving me weird looks, you can't really see anything. Except that the hem is crooked (on purpose!)

Guess where the necklace is from... You're right, from Zara. I'm actually ashamed of myself, you know. I seem to be a walking Zara ad this year. Thank God, my pants are from H&M and the bag is from somewhere else, otherwise I'd have to check myself into rehab...

Went into the dressing room just to have an opportunity to take my own pictures without interruptions. Pardon the goofy poses.

This is one side of the top.

And this is the other one. The longer and baggier side. And here you can see where the two halves meet.

Well, enough of the shirt anatomy.
Tomorrow is Friday and I'm working. They somehow managed to persuade me to work. I don't know why I said yes, especially now that I have tons of translation to do. The hours are 8:00 till 12:00, not so bad but no sleeping in either.

Three work days left including tomorrow!


  1. The pants are my fav - floral prints are going to be huge here soon! L xx

  2. Thanks, I love them! They are so comfortable and I feel great wearing them. And the quality is great. I'm surprised (and glad) I don't see more of them around.