Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Channelling Divya Katdare! Plus Cat...

I confess, I have a girl crush on Divya from Royal Pains. I want to be her. Or rather, I want her wardrobe and her figure. I'd keep my blonde hair but otherwise...

Divya's style is to die for, the colors, the jewelry - I'm gushing... Sorry.

Anyway, today I was channelling Divya, with a bright yellow top, cobalt blue trousers and heels.

I felt so bright and cool until someone told me that I'm dressed in the colors of a popular Israeli soccer team... Jeez, why?!!! Call me anything, even the Swedish flag, but this? Kill me now.

The Divya experiment didn't cost me too much. The top is from Zara end of season sale, it was about $15 bucks (that's cheap by our standards, don't laugh!). The necklace cost more than double as it's from the new Zara collection. Here is the link.

The necklace is green which you can't see here.
Gosh, look at that mozzie bite on my arm!

And now for something completely different (I hope Monty Python's Flying Circus is not going to sue me for using this phrase...)

There is something cute about a cat sleeping on a bunch of dog-books, don't you think?

Good night, everyone!


  1. Love the yellow, it is finally warming up here so looking forward to breaking out the bright colours too! L xx

  2. Oh, I can't wait till it cools down over here! I want my jeans, jackets and sweaters!!!

  3. Lovin' the color blocking! Cat sleeping? Adorable!

  4. Oh he looks so innocent, doesn't he! My fluffy little horror.