Sunday, April 28, 2013

Silver and Hearts

Saturday temperatures hit record highs and humidity was at it's record low (that's personal record... of suffering). It had to be considered as we were getting ready for dinner. I chose my hearts top and cotton cobalt trousers.

I hardly ever wear high-neck blouses, I don't think my neck is long enough to pull it off, but the collar of this top is loose enough that I could fold it over. Tried to tie the knot on the side but it kept unraveling, so I just left the ends hanging.

This top was a gift from a very good friend who is going through some tough times right now. Feel better, A, I love you!

Snooker kept photobombing never showing his face. He'd make a great spy.

My new Zara sandals turned out to be pretty comfortable for their first wearing out. I had a ton of bandaids in my purse, just in case, but didn't have to use them. Success!

The pants grew bigger as the evening progressed. When I put them on they almost felt like skinnies. But this is what they looked like at the end of the night. I love them for their color but I'm afraid they have to go. Or I'll just wear them around the house.

Watched a good film last night on TV, "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel". What an uplifting movie! I'm still smiling thinking about it. It was a welcome break from usual gore and murders even though I like all that. I highly recommend.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Pink Explosion

The weather has turned and we are in the Summer mode this week. Right now my iphone app shows 33 degrees C (91.4 F). I finally packed away what was left of my winter clothes and gave myself a pedicure.
I bought these pink H&M pants at the end of Autumn and I could hardly button them up in the fitting room. But yesterday I put them on and they were loose. Nice to know my diet plan worked but not so nice to keep pulling them up all the time. I guess I'll have to wear them with a belt.

The necklace is new and inexpensive, but oh what a statement!

People kept asking me where I bought it and someone wanted to buy it right off my neck. No way!

These sandals are very comfortable and all the straps are no bother. They have a tiny heel which is great. Not leather but very good quality. They are from a local chain called Caligula. They are a bit "hit and miss" but you can find real gems in their stores.

Going for dinner at a pub in Ashdod tonight, it's called Gambrinus and they serve delicious cherry beer. Don't know what to wear yet...

Monday, April 22, 2013

Post-Birthday Shopping Haul

Just realized today that I haven't posted anything since my birthday. Time sure flies like crazy. First of all, I didn't feel like blogging and didn't want to go on about outfits after what happened in Boston. And I've been a little busier than usual this past week and a half because my friend and neighbor (whose cats I've been taking care of) came back, so we were meeting for dinners and running around doing stuff. She is going back in about a week, so I'll be on cat duty once again.
So this is an outfit from I don't remember when. I can just say that the weather's been weird, raining for three days straight, colder than usual. That explains the sweater.

I don't wear these H&M snake pants nearly enough.

Same goes for this lovely Zara necklace. Probably because I keep it in a box, I don't know.

I received some cash for my birthday, so let me share my recent purchases with you. First of all, shoes. By now everyone in the fashion blogosphere knows these silver Zara heels. Veronica from Bittersweet colours styled them beautifully with her yellow jeans and a white top here.

The coral heels are from Zara as well and I bought them mostly because they go perfectly with this dress. It spent a couple of days in the shopping bag and I need to iron it. Here is a better picture from the Zara site.

The rest is my shopping haul from H&M. They have a mid season sale going on, but I paid full price for this strapless eyelet dress. It's from their Conscious collection. I imagine it with some wedges and bright jewelry, turquoise would be my first choice.

This sweatshirt caught my eye because it reminded me of the Balenciaga sweatshirt that I saw on Hahn of Life in Travel blog. It was about 14 bucks on sale.

This t-shirt is right on the money for the black and white trend. I haven't worn it yet.

This long cardi used to sell for US 55. I got it for about 8 bucks. It's perfect for wearing at home, walking the dog, running out to the store. Basically, it's perfect for this kind of weather right now.

This ring cost about 8 dollars as well. It's cheap and cheerful and I like it.

This concludes my shopping news of the week. Luckily for my wallet, I've also been working. Got a new show to translate, really creepy, about an orphanage and ghosts of abused children. Watched the first episode last night and it gave me the chills.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

I Am AK-47

Yes, I've reached the most famous number you could have for an ex-Russian person. Hence the Kalashnikov at the top of this post. I've turned 47 today and it feels great.

Treated myself to a trip to Tel Aviv. Walked around a bit, had a coffee. Visited a mall (surprise-surprise!). Wore my new "prison pants". This is how I looked leaving the house. See the black pumps in the lower right corner?

I switched shoes as I arrived at my destination (Tel Aviv that is). They fit perfectly in my black bag.

Not the most flattering picture but it shows off my assymetrical top.

My shoe story of the day. Black Nine West pumps and b&w Fioni flats, ever so comfy.

I call this necklace "my Chanel", must be the flower that inspired it.

I received some very nice and thoughtful gifts today. First of all, my parents gave me some cash. Thank you, Mom and Dad, I'll be putting it to good use (I mean buy a new dress).
Got these pretty earrings from my Kid. The pearl is pink. I love them!

And here is a gift from the Husband. I must admit, I picked it out myself. And he went along with it.

 As soon as I saw these beauties some time ago I knew I didn't stand a chance. Had to have them. And now I do. I like birthdays!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Retro and Sandstorm

Ever since I lost weight I've been enjoying wearing clothes that used to be too tight before. Like this white skirt. It would stretch like crazy on the hips and I was afraid to sit or bend over because the seems could split. Actually, the lining did split in the back...
But now I can wear it without fear. It even sits lower on my hips and hits just below the knee. I even thought of shortening it a little. But I should probably leave it alone and just wear it as is.

Yesterday I paired it with my stripey top and kitten heeled Fratelli Rosetti shoes. Low heels because I had to do some walking. I got these shoes on ebay several years ago. They fit a bit large these days, I put thin padded insoles in the front and it was perfect. By the way, Aldo sells the best insoles and heel-grips that I could find in this country.

The whole outfit had a 60-ish retro vibe to it. Add some pearls and you're there.
I popped into H&M to try on the pants I saw on Atlantic-Pacific here. I didn't buy them. They were OK, fit more like leggings than pants. But I didn't have a "wow" moment, and I have so many pants. I might reconsider and get them in cream at least, I don't know.

Other than that, we've enjoyed a two-day sandstorm. I took these photos from my balcony yesterday at 2 p.m. What's wrong here? Normally the sky is bright blue. But yesterday it looked like it was about to snow.

The sun turned into a whitish-yellowish spot, it didn't even hurt to look at it directly.

Now the sandstorm is over and I have some cleaning up to do.
Thank you, Mother Nature!

P.S. Just as I typed those words it started to rain. Easier to clean up.
Again, thank you, Mother Nature!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Reptile Central

My son loves lizards and snakes. He says he wants to work in a zoo and take care of reptiles. That's when he is not working in palaeontology, which would be quite a challenge as this field does not exist in Israel. Plenty of work for archaeologists but nothing for dinosaurs enthusiasts. Oh well, in this case he said he'd move to Canada. I'm glad my son has big plans.
Anyway, I threw on some "dirty" white jeans, sleeveless top, a blazer and white sneakers, and off we went to Ashdod.

The "Jungle" store had quite a selection. This is a boa.

This is a monitor lizard. He was hiding behind the water dish. I took the photos of his head.

And his butt.

I loved this little guy. It's a bearded dragon. Look at his kissy lizard lips! So cute!

And I don't remember what this chap was called.

After visiting a McDonald's and couple of other shops we returned home to this. What a gentleman-dog!

The weekend is over, everyone is back to work/school. I guess I better do something useful, like translate yet another medical show (Hi, miss Emily Owens).
My birthday is coming up soon. On Thursday the 11th I'll be changing my caliber once again. I'll be AK47!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Metallic Shoes

I finally made it out of the house. The weather was weird. Hot with the jacket, cold without. And it rained! Large rain drops hit me on the head a couple of times, and then it was over. Fickle Israeli spring...
Anyway, the intermittent sunlight demanded something light and flowery. These jeans fit better now that I'm a bit slimmer, though I have to pull them up now and then. I paired them with the white crochet peplum top I bought some time ago at H&M (here).

As turned out, my Zara bag ideally matches my shoes. What a nice surprise.

Eventually I made it into H&M and tried on a couple of skirts. I didn't like them on me. Maybe I needed to size down. But I have so many skirts that I decided against them anyway.

But I didn't leave H&M empty handed. The thing is, I came to the mall to try on these Also Essi shoes. Christine from My style pill blog wore them with some colorful pants and she swore that these shoes are incredibly comfortable. So I was full of hopes. Unfortunately, these shoes felt like a torture device. I could probably drive somewhere, walk to the table and sit. Go to the bathroom, come back and sit some more. And go home barefoot. Too bad, they were really beautiful in all three color combinations they had at the store.
So I decided to try on a pair of silver shoes at H&M. Now, that is a comfortable shoe!

I asked the SA to remove the anti-theft thingie so that I could made a couple of steps.
She did, I walked, I was convinced. Plus, they cost less than a half of what Aldos cost. Bonus!

Anyway, I put them on at home on my sore feet (the new flats rubbed my heels, some bandaids were required but didn't help that much). And they were great.

They are not shiny silver, more brushed silver, but that makes them less scratch resistant in my opinion/

The heel is lower than Aldos, another plus for comfort.

The weekend is upon us. I'll have to do some work but not too much.
Have a great time, everybody.