Thursday, April 11, 2013

I Am AK-47

Yes, I've reached the most famous number you could have for an ex-Russian person. Hence the Kalashnikov at the top of this post. I've turned 47 today and it feels great.

Treated myself to a trip to Tel Aviv. Walked around a bit, had a coffee. Visited a mall (surprise-surprise!). Wore my new "prison pants". This is how I looked leaving the house. See the black pumps in the lower right corner?

I switched shoes as I arrived at my destination (Tel Aviv that is). They fit perfectly in my black bag.

Not the most flattering picture but it shows off my assymetrical top.

My shoe story of the day. Black Nine West pumps and b&w Fioni flats, ever so comfy.

I call this necklace "my Chanel", must be the flower that inspired it.

I received some very nice and thoughtful gifts today. First of all, my parents gave me some cash. Thank you, Mom and Dad, I'll be putting it to good use (I mean buy a new dress).
Got these pretty earrings from my Kid. The pearl is pink. I love them!

And here is a gift from the Husband. I must admit, I picked it out myself. And he went along with it.

 As soon as I saw these beauties some time ago I knew I didn't stand a chance. Had to have them. And now I do. I like birthdays!

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