Monday, April 22, 2013

Post-Birthday Shopping Haul

Just realized today that I haven't posted anything since my birthday. Time sure flies like crazy. First of all, I didn't feel like blogging and didn't want to go on about outfits after what happened in Boston. And I've been a little busier than usual this past week and a half because my friend and neighbor (whose cats I've been taking care of) came back, so we were meeting for dinners and running around doing stuff. She is going back in about a week, so I'll be on cat duty once again.
So this is an outfit from I don't remember when. I can just say that the weather's been weird, raining for three days straight, colder than usual. That explains the sweater.

I don't wear these H&M snake pants nearly enough.

Same goes for this lovely Zara necklace. Probably because I keep it in a box, I don't know.

I received some cash for my birthday, so let me share my recent purchases with you. First of all, shoes. By now everyone in the fashion blogosphere knows these silver Zara heels. Veronica from Bittersweet colours styled them beautifully with her yellow jeans and a white top here.

The coral heels are from Zara as well and I bought them mostly because they go perfectly with this dress. It spent a couple of days in the shopping bag and I need to iron it. Here is a better picture from the Zara site.

The rest is my shopping haul from H&M. They have a mid season sale going on, but I paid full price for this strapless eyelet dress. It's from their Conscious collection. I imagine it with some wedges and bright jewelry, turquoise would be my first choice.

This sweatshirt caught my eye because it reminded me of the Balenciaga sweatshirt that I saw on Hahn of Life in Travel blog. It was about 14 bucks on sale.

This t-shirt is right on the money for the black and white trend. I haven't worn it yet.

This long cardi used to sell for US 55. I got it for about 8 bucks. It's perfect for wearing at home, walking the dog, running out to the store. Basically, it's perfect for this kind of weather right now.

This ring cost about 8 dollars as well. It's cheap and cheerful and I like it.

This concludes my shopping news of the week. Luckily for my wallet, I've also been working. Got a new show to translate, really creepy, about an orphanage and ghosts of abused children. Watched the first episode last night and it gave me the chills.

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