Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Purple Green

It must be tough being a fashion photographer. Here I was, planning an outfit around green Zara skirt I picked up on sale. I tried to lay stuff out like they do in InStyle magazine. First I used my coffee table. But the colors were all wrong because of too much sunshine.

Then I put all the things on the bed. But it looked even "wronger". Then I hung it in my walk-in closet. Still looks washed out. The purple is deeper and the skirt is not as dark. Oh well.

Here is the final result which made me happy. I strategically buttoned three buttons on the cardi, to give myself a better waistline.

By the way, don't you just love that leopard face - print top at Zara? The one behind me? It's gorgeous.

Work was crazy so took more pictures at home. Look at those heels. Amazing how comfortable they felt all day. Nine West and I are a perfect match.

It was quite warm today (dust storm hit much later, my eyes are still stinging after walking the dog). So I put on this - whatever it is - with bell sleeves.

I am trying to show off the sleeve in case anyone was wondering.

Accessories were a bit matchy-matchy, like these Aldo sunglasses. Green and pink that could pass for purple.

Did I mention how much I love Aldo sunglasses? They don't cost much, they are good quality, they kill the glare and don't make me squint, and they rip off lots of famous designs. What's not to love?

I am trying to show off the color of the shoes.  This picture is pretty close to the real thing.

My jewelry against the white and fuzzy background. Snooker tried to run away but I caught him. He looks like a crane with his stretched neck. Getting ready to bolt which he did immediately after the photo.

The stone in the ring is red, not brown. And I took the photo in the same room and under the same lights. It's the only red stone "in my collection". Speaking about collections, I tried to count my pencil skirts yesterday. I counted about 12 and then stopped in shame. I don't wear them enough. I guess I go through phases - dresses, pants, skirts. Sometimes I feel overdressed in skirts (like today). Israel is quite informal and not many people are striving to look even remotely like Tippi Hedren in "Birds". 
The cat is chewing on computer cables again. Time to sign off till tomorrow.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Dress with Jeans

Couple of years ago I read on some blog (maybe it was You Look Fab, I don't remember) about wearing a dress with jeans. I laughed it off and moved on.

Then I bought a sweater dress that I wore as intended. But it was a bit tight and short and clingy, and I was always at a loss how to make it look better.

And then I saw in InStyle magazine one of their "Three in One" features that had one dress worn three ways or something like that.

Anyway, the penny dropped. And now my dress serves as a tunic, and we're both happy about it.

I put a belt over it to break up the darkness.

Wore the gray jeans with gray booties again. They match so well, I met a friend at the bus stop after work and she thought I had OTK boots on. Mind you, it was dark.

A photo of my "stuff". Not the best sleeve length for a cuff bracelet, it kept getting covered or stuck.

Saw a great necklace in a shop yesterday that would have fit perfectly with this outfit. It was plastic and beautiful. Then I glanced at the price-tag. 220 NIS!!! That's like 60 bucks!!! For a piece of pretty plastic!!! No, thank you.

My attempts at being half way frugal did not work out this month. Or in other words, I failed miserably. But I did get some nice things. And not as many as I might have gotten. That's a crappy excuse but still, I made an effort.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Green Stuff

I didn't get to take my photos yesterday. Without the coat that is. Unpleasant day at work, so I forgot. I wore my gray pencil skirt with a thin sweater tucked in. I've never tucked a sweater in before but it looked better that way.

The sale at Zara is finally over. They do have a couple of sales-racks but not much to look at. I saw a couple of skirts that I liked, no luck with the sizes though. Just as well. That Zara bag I have is not a purchase, there are my tax documents in it. I didn't do my tax adjustment yesterday as there was such a queue I'd never made it out of there on time.

Looking at this picture I see that jacket that I really like. Taylor wore it on her Sterling Style blog here. It's really nice.

This is my attempt to show off the ring with the bag. Not exactly the same color but close. I like my green "focal color points".

It's raining again. I feel like crawling into bed and snuggle up with Snooker and my newly bought issue of InStyle. But I have some work to do first.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Thursday, February 23, 2012


Before H&M opened their store at the mall where I work, I always looked at bloggers wearing their stuff and wrote it off saying I'm never going to get my hands on "this" or "that". But it all changed several months ago, after the "grand opening" with the red carpet and all. Now if I wait a month or two, I can get my grubby little paws on cool stuff at pretty good prices and feel like I'm part of the club.

Why am I telling you this? Because I saw these cool metallic sweaters on HRH Collection blog and I really like the silver version (Alex modelled it on her video here).

The other day I wandered into H&M on my break and found the same sweater in gold! Of course, I had to snatch it and wore it the very next day.

My friend at work called it golden fish-scales. So the official name is "goldfish sweater" now. Paired it with simple jeans, some gold bracelets and walking boots (11 hour day footwear).

I didn't want to overload it on gold, so I wore these mixed metal earrings with turquoise beads. They go with everything.

I got some compliments on looking good and I credit the sweater. I felt great all day and didn't even want to take it off at the end of the day.

In the meantime, the weekend is near, but first I have to go to the income tax office for some permits (two jobs, tax adjustment, that kind of thing). And I have to translate an episode of Parenthood by Sunday.
Funny, I hate and love this show at the same time. It annoys me to no end but I care for the characters anyway. How would you explain something like that?

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Chain Link Crazy

In the morning when I took my picture at the elevator, I couldn't help but marvel at how nice and quiet my outfit looked. An elegant trench coat, burberry-ish scarf, a plain black top.                                            

But if you take a closer look what will you see?

Yes, it was the first outing of my new Cavalli jeans. Chains everywhere and a bright apple-green bag.
Paired with the sky-high Zara booties.

I had to change into my low-heeled shoes to run for the bus.

I don't usually go for green things. Not my color exactly. But when I saw this purse I just had to have it. It felt very spring-like. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I am ready for the winter to go away. I'll regret these words next summer though.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Project Beige

This is a tale of the buttons. When I bought this lovely trench, it had not one but two! rows of black buttons. The second row was parallel to the first on those ruffles to the right. There must have been a surplus of black buttons at the factory in China. So I removed that second row of buttons as soon as I got the new trench home. 

And thus began the hunt for perfect buttons. Which was not easy. You can't just find buttons anywhere, you have to go to a specialized store. Bit first you have to find it. Well, I found it, spent about 20 minutes gazing at different styles and finally purchased these lovelies.

Here is the trench with a facelift. I think it looks much better, the buttons don't clash as they used to.

 Here is a close-up. These buttons are a bit larger than the black ones but they still go through the loops. Plus I almost never button my coats, it's just never that cold here in Israel. Mind you, the locals would disagree as this week is considered the coldest of this winter and several winters before it.


Where are my gloves?

Of course, I had to wear my new trench right away.

Here we are in H&M. The new collection is oh so colorful, red, orange, pink!

But I was dressed in wintery shades of brown and cream. And I combined the leopard-ish trench with a snake-ish bag. A crime? I don't think so, it looked OK (in my opinion).

Of course, when in H&M, one has to use the dressing rooms to one's advantage. That is, take one's own photos from all possible sides.

And one must try on a bright red pencil skirt while at it.

The skirt came home with me... Did anyone have any doubts?

Friday, February 17, 2012

Two Days of Outfits

Hi, the queen of fuzzy pictures is here again.

Allow me to start with Thursday. This is my favorite sweater of the year. It looks great with black skinnies and heels, but today I decided to wear it with my oatmeal jeans tucked into boots. No heels because I had a doctor's appointment in the middle of work shift, so I had to run over there and back while my friend at work covered for me.

I think that the pink lipstick goes well with my new phone cover. It's "Speak Louder" by MAC.

I kept the brown bag to match my leopard print trench. And in that shopping bag is a white windbreaker that I found in the Jump store for about 15 bucks. I just couldn't pass up a deal like that.

I wore this ring that I love. It used to have a huge rectangular citrine stone but then I dropped it on a tile floor and the stone broke. I took the ring to the lady I get my bracelets from, and she found this crystal and gave my ring the new life. Thank you, Ilana!

Today is Friday and I was going to spend the day working on my translation and then do some grocery shopping. But my Kid broke his glasses (that he got only three weeks ago) so I had to take them to the shop in Rehovot.

I took the pictures after I came back. It was so windy outside that my hair almost flew off. We are expecting a storm later on. So I can blame my looking disheveled on the weather.

My jeans miraculously matched my grey booties. I like it. It creates an illusion of longer legs. Or not. But these booties were good for running around Rehovot. I took the bus as there is no parking along the main street.

These are my stacking rings from Aldo. I didn't really have to wear all of them at once but why not. You can find some interesting accessories in Aldo, and they're not expensive.

I'm glad I went to Rehovot because it gave me a chance to finish a certain little project. But that's a story for the next post.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Borrowing from Myself

Yesterday while getting dressed I kept thinking that I've seen this outfit somewhere else... And then I remembered. I wore it just over a year ago and even posted photos on this blog. Here is the link. It's almost identical except last time I wore a black turtleneck with a different necklace.

My day was crazy and I didn't even get a chance for a break. Left the office for 5 minutes to get a good cup of coffee (as opposed to instant coffee that we have) and a chocolate souffle for my sinking energy levels.

Took the pictures in the evening at home hence the tired face.

And I had to do some more work in the evening - had an urgent translation for a certain comedy that will be aired here on Saturday. So my work day lasted about 15 hours combined.

It's 9:30 on Thursday morning here, I'm off to work in an hour. And after that - the weekend. We are planning a trip to Ma'ale Adumim on Saturday which is near Jerusalem. The weather people threatened us with show. We'll see.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Golden Chains

First of all, I just watched the Polyvore Live fashion show with the most unusual models - fashion bloggers. I "know" some of those ladies through their blogs: Brooklyn Blonde, Cheetah is the New Black, Sandras Closet. I felt like those were my friends on the catwalk. Well done, girls!!!

Now, I've been dying to wear my new blonde boots out of the house. Today was the day. I combined them with the similar color jeans, black shirt and a golden chain. And a 50 shekel bill for some reason (that's under my thumb).

Went into Zara for my daily shot and these beauties greeted me at the door.

Can't say that this angle is doing me any favors. Looking straight on in the mirror, my midsection seemed a bit narrower. Maybe it's just my "digital projected image of myself" or how did they put it in the Matrix?

Anyway, the shoe sale is still going strong but I've pretty much got everything I need and more. Which didn't prevent me from perusing the t-shirt rack where I found two cute tops for about USD 15 each. I brought them home and shamefully stuck them into the far end of the closet. Till spring.

 As I was wearing a big link chain, I kept my bracelet small and simple-ish. It's from the same artisan fair (which I managed to avoid today), from the same seller actually that I bought two of my other chain bracelets as well.

And now for my second-hand store find from yesterday. I hurried to take these pants to be hemmed today so that I could model them for the whole world to see.

Behold my Roberto Cavalli pants!

Oops, a bit fuzzy. Here is a better shot. Golden pants with chains all over them! The T-rex on the wall is suitably impressed. My husband approves too.

A shot of the legs with the shoes in a different lighting, the pants look a bit more subdued. Or do they really?

They were new with tags and a hologram. And the most amazing part is on that tag. Size M. What the hell?

It says "made in Italy" which is another pleasant surprise. Usually it says "made in Turkey" (like my other two pairs of Cavalli jeans). The pants looked a bit beat up like they spent some time in a sale bin... I don't know and I don't care, I like them, I find the vertical chains slimming and I'm going to wear them.

Tomorrow is my 11 hour workday. Must say, I'm not that excited about it. Why do I have to go to work?

Oh yeah, to pay for all those things I enjoy so much (mind you, I paid for those pants by selling off my old stuff. How's that for justification?)