Saturday, February 11, 2012

Thursday Silver

It's the weekend, and I am finally posting Thursday photos. I totally forgot about these Nine West booties I had sitting at the back of the shoe closet. Does it mean that I have too many shoes? Probably. Wearing them gave me a perfect chance to throw on my silver jacket. So true that a good outfit sometimes starts with a great pair of shoes.

I bought this cardigan because is reminded me of Chanel jackets.

More shots of the same, this time with a stripey scarf.

 I wasn't sure which purse would go with all that. Was a bit tired of the shiny black one.
So I went for the Steve Madden denim bag a-la-Mulberry Alexa purchased during last season sale. It's light and roomy, I can fit a pair of booties in it if I have to.

According to InStyle mag, you can wear denim accessories if it's the only denim thing you're wearing. My jeans were black, so I decided to go for it.

Have you seen the new Zara collection? I snapped a couple of pictures in the store. Look at these mint colored jackets, colorful and flowery tops. I love it.

I thought that this dress looked familiar. Of course, it was featured on the Atlantic-Pacific blog just a couple of days ago.

The jacket on the right is much lighter IRL, it's peachy.

The lace skirt is so sweet and all this pink! It's a beautiful collection.

And now for the nails experiment. The first to chip was You Don't Know Jacques - see the tiniest chip on my index finger? But Chanel got a bit duller with wear (middle finger). The main thing is that three days later the difference in color is much less noticeable. Maybe I finish the OPI bottle first and then go for Particuliere. I understand it's part of the permanent collection now. No reason to hurry.

Chanel new collection will be in stores on Monday. I really like the April and May nail polish colors. But I'm trying to embrace Frugal February (see Faux Fuschia's blog). Last week I broke down only once and bought another pair of shoes. Where? Zara. Why? Because they "came back" at even more reduced price. I'm talking about these babies.

I think that my shoe closet is overstocked now and new arrivals should be banned. Till the next Zara sale. I'll try to live through the next week without any clothes/footwear purchases. Please send your supportive thoughts my way.


  1. Love the Chanel-esque cardi! I didn't even bother trying to pretend I could last for Frugal Feb. I am resolving not to buy chocolates at work tho, it's something at least! L xx

  2. Hey, chocolates is a start. Baby steps, right? I'm too weak to survive anything like that. But the fact that I forgot about a pair of boots should be a hint for me...