Monday, February 20, 2012

Project Beige

This is a tale of the buttons. When I bought this lovely trench, it had not one but two! rows of black buttons. The second row was parallel to the first on those ruffles to the right. There must have been a surplus of black buttons at the factory in China. So I removed that second row of buttons as soon as I got the new trench home. 

And thus began the hunt for perfect buttons. Which was not easy. You can't just find buttons anywhere, you have to go to a specialized store. Bit first you have to find it. Well, I found it, spent about 20 minutes gazing at different styles and finally purchased these lovelies.

Here is the trench with a facelift. I think it looks much better, the buttons don't clash as they used to.

 Here is a close-up. These buttons are a bit larger than the black ones but they still go through the loops. Plus I almost never button my coats, it's just never that cold here in Israel. Mind you, the locals would disagree as this week is considered the coldest of this winter and several winters before it.


Where are my gloves?

Of course, I had to wear my new trench right away.

Here we are in H&M. The new collection is oh so colorful, red, orange, pink!

But I was dressed in wintery shades of brown and cream. And I combined the leopard-ish trench with a snake-ish bag. A crime? I don't think so, it looked OK (in my opinion).

Of course, when in H&M, one has to use the dressing rooms to one's advantage. That is, take one's own photos from all possible sides.

And one must try on a bright red pencil skirt while at it.

The skirt came home with me... Did anyone have any doubts?

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