Monday, February 13, 2012

Green Rock

I usually work 12 to 7 pm on Sundays but yesterday I worked in the morning. Had to attend a lecture on the effects of dog training courses on autistic kids. Which is hugely positive by the way.

To avoid unnecessary rushing in the morning I just put on a dress, boots and my beloved purple trench.

It was my plain black dress with anything but plain sleeves.

Zara was crowded so I had to click fast to avoid embarrassing detection.

After that I went to H&M where I found a deserted corner. Love the color of those cobalt jeans by the way.

As my dress and boots were black and grey, I went for bright accessories. Namely this huge green rock on my finger.

I love big ass rings. I don't normally wear green things but I bought this ring for it's color.

I finally changed the cover on my cellphone. It's pink (no big surprise there).

A close up to show off the new phone cover and a sleeve.

A shot of my scarf, it says Chanel but we're not going to believe it. It was another bright accessory that went with the trench. I love those chains. Talking about chains, I visited my fave second-hand store today. Had some substantial credit from my things that got sold. Bought another thing with chains on it with the store credit. This item needs some minor alterations and then I'll proudly parade it on the blog. 
Tomorrow is the artisan fair day at the mall. God help me!