Friday, February 3, 2012

A Walking Ad

That's what I was yesterday. A walking ad for Zara. Coat, jeans, top and belt (not shown).

I liked the jeans with my black Zara booties but picked a lower heel in the end. Here is a trial photo of the boots that didn't happen. I have a cold, so a bit of comfort was required.

The sale is still going strong. I asked the girls when it'll be over as my wallet is crying big tears of empty. They told me to hold on and be strong, just another couple of weeks.

I'm going to replace the cover on my phone. I'm getting tired of it clashing with the photos, it's just too much.

This is my first weak attempt at the "arm party". My ancient watch-bracelet that used to be two-tone. It kept clinking all day long. We'll see if I can get used to it.

And now, the sin of the day. I saw these booties on Wednesday and tried them on. Very high heel for me but so comfortable. They were on sale for NIS 379 (about 110 US). I left them on the shelf to think about it some more. But the temptation of having blonde boots was too much to bear and I returned to the store on Thursday. The boots were still there and the price had been reduced overnight to NIS 299 (about 85 bucks). Bonus! I love the zipper detail in the back. So in tune with the last season collection in Zara - everything had exposed zippers.

These booties will be good for "bookending". Even though Angie is talking about bookending black trousers, the same principle applies with footwear. There we go, a perfect justification for yet another purchase.

I've realised with horror that for the last month or so I bought something almost every day. I can blame the sales or my lack of will power, but this has got to stop! Faux Fuchsia announced the arrival of Frugal February, maybe I'll be a joiner and do the same thing. I'm not saying "never", but come on, really? Every day?

So I'm going to try and keep a lid on my spending. I'm not talking about necessities and things for my Kid. I'm talking shoes, bags, clothes and accessories. And baby steps. Try doing it for a week and see what happens. I'll live, I'm sure.

The weekend is here. I have some work to finish by Sunday, translating a somewhat depressing British TV-show about a young woman losing her husband in a tragic accident. She decides to investigate the mysterious circumstances of his death, blah-blah-blah.

By the way, we just got a new TV channel full of HBO shows. I'm addicted to the "Walking Dead" (second season over here) and "The Killing". Looking at rainy Seattle brings back Vancouver memories. Ah, West Coast! I do miss you. I'd give anything right now for a walk through Stanley Park. Well, maybe not anything. Not my new blonde booties!


  1. Those boots are amazing! I love Zara so much. I wish we had one here.

  2. Hi Quinn! Thank you.
    You know, not having Zara near your house or work can be a blessing in disguise... I'm joking of course!