Monday, February 27, 2012

Dress with Jeans

Couple of years ago I read on some blog (maybe it was You Look Fab, I don't remember) about wearing a dress with jeans. I laughed it off and moved on.

Then I bought a sweater dress that I wore as intended. But it was a bit tight and short and clingy, and I was always at a loss how to make it look better.

And then I saw in InStyle magazine one of their "Three in One" features that had one dress worn three ways or something like that.

Anyway, the penny dropped. And now my dress serves as a tunic, and we're both happy about it.

I put a belt over it to break up the darkness.

Wore the gray jeans with gray booties again. They match so well, I met a friend at the bus stop after work and she thought I had OTK boots on. Mind you, it was dark.

A photo of my "stuff". Not the best sleeve length for a cuff bracelet, it kept getting covered or stuck.

Saw a great necklace in a shop yesterday that would have fit perfectly with this outfit. It was plastic and beautiful. Then I glanced at the price-tag. 220 NIS!!! That's like 60 bucks!!! For a piece of pretty plastic!!! No, thank you.

My attempts at being half way frugal did not work out this month. Or in other words, I failed miserably. But I did get some nice things. And not as many as I might have gotten. That's a crappy excuse but still, I made an effort.


  1. Thank you! It's the total opposite of your outfits in the latest post - so much color! You can totally see that it's summer where you are and winter over here.