Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Purple Green

It must be tough being a fashion photographer. Here I was, planning an outfit around green Zara skirt I picked up on sale. I tried to lay stuff out like they do in InStyle magazine. First I used my coffee table. But the colors were all wrong because of too much sunshine.

Then I put all the things on the bed. But it looked even "wronger". Then I hung it in my walk-in closet. Still looks washed out. The purple is deeper and the skirt is not as dark. Oh well.

Here is the final result which made me happy. I strategically buttoned three buttons on the cardi, to give myself a better waistline.

By the way, don't you just love that leopard face - print top at Zara? The one behind me? It's gorgeous.

Work was crazy so took more pictures at home. Look at those heels. Amazing how comfortable they felt all day. Nine West and I are a perfect match.

It was quite warm today (dust storm hit much later, my eyes are still stinging after walking the dog). So I put on this - whatever it is - with bell sleeves.

I am trying to show off the sleeve in case anyone was wondering.

Accessories were a bit matchy-matchy, like these Aldo sunglasses. Green and pink that could pass for purple.

Did I mention how much I love Aldo sunglasses? They don't cost much, they are good quality, they kill the glare and don't make me squint, and they rip off lots of famous designs. What's not to love?

I am trying to show off the color of the shoes.  This picture is pretty close to the real thing.

My jewelry against the white and fuzzy background. Snooker tried to run away but I caught him. He looks like a crane with his stretched neck. Getting ready to bolt which he did immediately after the photo.

The stone in the ring is red, not brown. And I took the photo in the same room and under the same lights. It's the only red stone "in my collection". Speaking about collections, I tried to count my pencil skirts yesterday. I counted about 12 and then stopped in shame. I don't wear them enough. I guess I go through phases - dresses, pants, skirts. Sometimes I feel overdressed in skirts (like today). Israel is quite informal and not many people are striving to look even remotely like Tippi Hedren in "Birds". 
The cat is chewing on computer cables again. Time to sign off till tomorrow.

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