Thursday, March 1, 2012


Yesterday it was all about comfort. Boots that could withstand the rain. And a jacket that could protect me from the wind. The weather was crazy, I woke up in the middle of the night because of the racket. Wind and rain, the plastic chairs were blown all over the balcony, the small roof we built over the balcony sounded like it was going to take off, huge pieces of cardboard flew all over the streets. What is is with this climate? It always has to be extreme.

This top was a bit on the thin side. I probably should have worn a sweater. But I lived.

This is me getting to work in the morning. Bag, umbrella, coffee and a breakfast roll.

And this is how I battled the chill - with a cheese cloth-like scarf worn as a shawl. And it helped.

Today it's more of the same. The dog had to wear a raincoat for his morning walk. Gusts of wind felt like punches. Husband had to stay home, he cannot work in these conditions (his work is outside, so...) The weekend is supposed to be just as bad.

I'm typing all this and looking at the last picture - with Zara spring collection, florals and whites. What a contradiction!

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