Monday, March 12, 2012

Colorful while Under Attack

It's hard to write an OOTD post when you have air-raid warning signal going off. So far we've had six of them today and one of the "grads" fell in town that is 5 minutes drive from here. It sucks.

Anyway, happy thoughts. I was quite happy with this Zara skirt. Even though it stretched in the butt region by the end of the day. It's very light weight and should be perfect for summer. 

I took my heels with me and wore flats. It was quite fortunate as I had to run like hell after work to catch the bus.

This is me with heels. I'm quite sure now that these booties are from different pairs. The snake design on the capped toes is different. But to me it makes the boots more interesting. I am a master of denial. Anybody wants private denial lessons?

Tonight I'm going to a wedding. Kind of hate to leave my guys here with all that's going on. Kid's been off school since Sunday and looks like there'll be no school tomorrow, Ashdod got hit today (no fatalities but cars and buildings were damaged). After the first Gulf war I never thought I'd have to hear sirens again, it's the most disturbing sound that gets deep inside of you because you know the danger is real. But hey, to quote Faux Fuchsia, this is not a blog about world peace... Or lack thereof.

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