Friday, March 23, 2012

Impersonate a Blogger

I often turn to fashion blogs for outfit inspiration. I see something I like, figure out how I can put together a similar look with what I have and then I do it (results vary). I've been doing it so often that
I've come up with a name for this "feature" on my blog. Why not call it "Impersonate a Blogger". I've done it here and here and here.

So there we go. My latest effort. When I saw this post on Atlantic-Pacific, I had to stop and breathe for a bit. The print and colors of the blouse are just breathtaking, and in combination with white jeans the whole outfit just radiates Spring.

In this case I didn't have anything like this in my wardrobe. But I was so taken with the blouse, I just went to Zara and bought it.

Washed my hair that morning, blowdried it but didn't have time for straightening. Looking at these photos I wish I fixed my hair even if it meant being late for work...

I was happy with the way the outfit turned out.

In fact, I was a walking Zara ad. Again. Everything but the bag is from there. Blouse, jeans, shoes, trench, paper bag.

I must wear this blouse again before it gets too hot. I love it.

I have some other blogger impersonating ideas. More to follow.


  1. Oh wow that blouse is a classic beauty; love it with the white pants!

  2. Love that blouse and nothing wrong with getting outfit inspiration from blogs, we all do it! xx

  3. Thank you, Jude and Fab. I guess it's OK, though I felt like a total copycat. But a well-dressed copycat at that :)