Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Last night I went to a wedding. The place where it all happened was huge and really beautiful, the food was great and the people watching was excellent.

The bride is of Yemenite origin and the groom is South African. The mix of relatives and guests was amazing. Both families are religious, so the wedding was a little different for me. First of all, when the dancing started, they put up a screen between men and women. Men and women dance separately. Mind you, the men crashed the women's circle for about 10 minutes when bride and groom were lifted in their chairs up in the air.

So the young couple doesn't share their first dance like in a Russian wedding. The bride was dancing with the girls and the groom with the guys. And the dancing was different from what I'm used to. They all held hands and danced in a huge circle, I think it's called "hora". Everybody was clapping their hands.

Just to interrupt the narrative, here is what I was wearing. I had some other shoes in mind but they turned out to be unwearable with tights. And I went with these black Aldos.

And what was my favorite moment? Apart from when they brought me the steak?
The African song. The South African party paid respects to their country tradition and heritage and it was so touching.

All in all, great experience, good fun, nice company. And quite a late night. Work was tough today.
But it was worth it.

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