Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Snake Dreams

The very first day I decided to wear my white jacket happened to be... rainy! Luckily for me, the rain had stopped by the time I had to go catch my bus.

I felt very Spring-like in my pastel tones. I wore H&M snake-print jeans, pink blouse and the jacket that belonged to my late mother-in-law. I dare say it's vintage, the label says "Separate editions by Koret".

Took this photo in the morning, my eyes are still closed.

Felt a bit funny walking by the H&M store and seeing the same jeans in their window. Went in to look for mint colored items (like this dress) but they didn't have any. Zara on the other hand had loads. But I'm not in the buying mode this week, just looking. Tempted though, oh so tempted...

Came home and had to change clothes immediately to avoid dog, cat and everything else. Cat followed me upstairs and tried to get into the picture (I didn't even see him then).

Close-up of my wrinkled shirt and pants.

And of my "multiple-braceleted" wrist. I love this little watch, it was a gift from my husband on our first Christmas in Vancouver, Canada in 1994. Wow, how long ago was that!

Came home from work at 5 pm sharp. Not bad. Tomorrow is the 11-hour-day. Good luck to me.

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