Monday, March 5, 2012

My Own Count Dracula

Hi there, it's been another purple day.
A couple of years ago I got this Adrienne Vittadini suit at a clothes swap. I bought the little pink sweater to wear with it. And now I pull it out of my closet maybe once a year.

It's very elegant which can be a weird thing to pull off in Israel (super casual, I've already whined and bitched about it). But yesterday it felt right. The suit is size 12 but the skirt belt is a bit loose. Which was good (less lumps).

I always wear this suit with my brown distressed leather Nine West boots. You should have seen me running for the bus last night! It was hilarious! My heels got stuck in every crack in the pavement. But I made it.

I saw this bag (also Nine West) in InStyle some 4-5 months ago and I just had to have it. It's not very roomy and the chain makes a lot of noise when you put the bag on a desk at work, but I love it.

These boots are nice too. I heard that pointy shoes are back in fashion.

And now prepare to be terrified.

Meet Count Dracula. There he is, going to his first Purim bash. He refused to wear any makeup, fake blood and all that. Just the teeth. His Dad took him to the party and had to hang around the parking lot for about two hours before picking him up. They entered the party hall, Dracula said hi to a couple of friends, turned to Husband and said - Bye, Dad! There we go, he's all "growed up".

Tomorrow they go to school "in character". And then they have the rest of the week off. Lucky buggers!


  1. Love the Nine West bag - it is a bit Celine isn't it! I run for the bus in heels most neighbours must think I am nuts!! L xx

  2. I often wonder what people think about people taking their own photos in the street (and in the shops, like I do). Once in H&M I saw a tall blonde dressed in a certain way that just screamed "blogger" to me. She was taking pictures of the jewelry and then of herself in the mirror. I smiled but others were giving her weird looks.
    So running for the bus in heels is not so bad!