Thursday, March 1, 2012

Cat Love

Several people told me today that 1st of March is International Cats Day. I didn't know! Why didn't I know? Anyway, let me start this post with the photo of my handsome Snooker. He is about 2.5 years old, we found him in the street as a kitten. I gave him some food, picked him up and he started purring. Then he went up the stairs to my front door and asked me to let him in. I did. He jumped up on the couch and that was it. Love at first sight. Snooker is bossy (ask Boomer the dog). He talks. He runs around the house like a horse on drugs. He steals the Kid's toys and "kills" them. He's got a unique personality and we love him to bits.

And now to the question of what to wear in a pouring rain. I picked my trusted black trench, leopard jeans and Zara booties. I had to jump over puddles in these heels. And it felt fabulous.

I seem to be attached to this green purse. And that display at Zara, the slingbacks in particular.

I was not too happy with my wrinkly shirt. It's really nice, I like the fit and color, but as soon as I sit down, it creases and wrinkles like hell. Next time I'll try wearing it with a skirt tucked in.

Added the assymetrical cardi for warmth. And was really glad I did. Tomorrow is supposed to be the coldest day of this winter. You may think that Israel doesn't know what winter is. I agree. But the houses here are built for warm weather. It can get really cold. You have to keep your electric heater/s most of the time which can get pricey. Sometimes it's warmer outside than in the house. Sorry, I'm whining.

No work for me tomorrow. I managed to finish the Parenthood episode just in time for the weekend. And now I can spend the weekend doing exactly this.

Snooker says hi.

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