Friday, March 2, 2012

I Need Advice

In about ten days I'm going to a wedding (girl at work). I already picked out the dress I'm going to wear. And now the eternal question. Which shoes am I going to wear?

I have some options lined up. First of all, a pair of classic pumps that just happen to be almost the same color as the dress (more so in real life). This is my husband's choice.

Second candidate is this black platform pump. I had ankle straps added because of some slippage. I thought it would be nice to add some height. I mean, to me.

I tried them both on with the dress, obviously without posing, stockings, spanx, makeup, hair and normal facial expression.

Then there is the grape colored shoe.

I know that lovely stylish L comes here to visit. L, if you see this, your advice would be greatly appreciated. And everyone else's.


  1. You're right I do come and visit and love nothing better than to give advice on shoe options :)

    And you are getting TWO opinions for the price of one today - Willow and I have consulted and we both agree on the purple pump!

    Have a wonderful time at the wedding and show us the final outfit decisions!


  2. Hey, two opinions, what a bonus! Thank you, I tend to agree, but the final decision depends on which shoe functions best with tights (or is it pantyhose?) The plot thickens...