Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Heels and Flats

I took only one picture on Monday. I wore orange pants with my favorite top and trench. And my "hobo" boots because I had to do some walking around. And I felt squat and dumpy all day, even though I was really comfortable. 

So yesterday I decided to wear heels (Bare feet time! Yeah!). The comfort level went down but the feeling and the mood was much improved (in spite of crazy hair).

I like the faux collar on this Zara top.

"Clever" picture from the H&M dressing room. I could have probably bought this top in M instead of L, but the material is totally non-stretchy and I wanted some freedom of movement.

Anyway, it looks good under a jacket. And when the weather is too hot for jackets, I'll be switching to lighter natural fabrics anyway.

I look kinda wide in this one. "Does this shirt make me look fat"?

While taking my picture in Zara I saw these beauties and in my size. But I didn't buy them. The heel is quite high. I need to know that I'll be able to walk to the bus in the shoes, this is the ultimate test. I have enough semi-walkable shoes in my closet. Too bad, they are beautiful and the leather is buttery soft.

I'm home today, doing some translations, cleaning (if I'm not too lazy) and grocery shopping. Much needed day of semi-rest.

Some time ago I mentioned that my son was obsessed with the game called "Tresspasser". It's from 1998 and we couldn't find it anywhere. Well, last week I found it on ebay and after some online bidding fight I won it! This other person tried to outbid me. But in the end he realised that he is dealing with a stubborn mother and gave up. I had to wake up at 4 a.m. in order to make sure that nobody outbids me again! (shaking fist in the air).

The game has been shipped and in about two weeks my son will be spending more time in front of the computer. Does this make me a good mom or a bad one?

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