Monday, April 30, 2012

The Work Blues

I was glad I wore light colors yesterday, it helped me to get through a tough and annoying day at work. It's always hard to come back after a long weekend and yesterday was no exception. So blue flowers again but this time on a skirt.

Just an example of how I come up with an idea for an outfit. I was watching TV the other day and Drew Barrimore's character in the movie "50 first dates" was wearing a skirt with a t-shirt and a cardigan - I thought, hang on, I have similar things in my closet - there we go, an outfit. Different color scheme but same idea. This is why building a "wardrobe capsule" would never work for me. I dress according to my mood on any given morning. So my closet is all over the place. The only thing you won't find in there is cargo pants. I'm done with those.

Anyway, here I was all ladylike.

This is my old Zara cardi, I love this shade of blue.

These shoes used to be very comfortable, I think they stretched a bit over the 3 years I've had them. I'm very careful with them because I love them. I got them off ebay.

A bright necklace that is a bit scratchy when I wear it but what a lovely color!

And my first time ever with turquoise nails. Photographed in the "dying daylight" at 7 pm while waiting for the bus (I needed to occupy myself with something). Everyone commented nicely on my nails and the whole color-coordinated effort.

Thankfully, I am working at home today, translating a very crude comedy. Beats answering phones.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Powerful Polkadots

It's the long weekend here in Israel, Independence Day.
Yesterday we worked till 1 p.m. which was great but didn't save me from and old crazy client yelling and trying to hit me with his walking stick. I didn't flinch and threatened to call security (which is bullshit, we don't have security). He left in the end. We've known this ass for about 5 years now and he is crazy as a bat. There was a little boy in the waiting room, poor kid got really scared. What a shame!

Anyway, felt all swish and powerful in my pencil skirt (maybe that's what helped me to deal with the loon).

Combining polkadots with stripes seemed like a brave step.

I got these shoes on Zara end of season sale. Suede and very soft, and the heel is low, so I just wore them to the bus and all.

These are size 7, so I had to stick on some heel-grips. Now they fit perfectly.

There was a nice surprise waiting for me at the store. They started selling Essie nail-polish. You could only find Essie in nail-salons before. So I bought two colors, Mint Candy Apple and Lilacism. And a base coat. I used to always wear MAC Underlacker but it got discontinued (Why? Oh why?). Now I got to try Essie and I really hope it's good.

Look at these colors. Mint is a reach for me, but if I don't like it on my hands I can always wear it on my toes. I've seen lots of bloggers with mint nails and I like it. We'll see what it looks like with my skin-tone.

Two more days without crazy clients. What a joy!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Oh yes, it was the day of the great reveal... when I wore my H&M floral pants. So I'm going to post all the photos, weird faces and all. I took the heels with me (they fit in my purse) and changed somewhere on the way to work.

The pants were a little big in the waist so I had to wear a belt. Otherwise they fit perfectly. Now I can buy pants at H&M without trying them on.

I wore a black top by Magashoni that my aunt sent from Denver. I have to do something about the shoulders slipping off and revealing the bra-straps. I have some ideas.

Snapped a photo in my Kid's bedroom, the lighting was good.

And in my closet. The light is crappy but there is more room to manouver.

The top has some interesting neckline detail.

And these are my new star-shoes. They are by Christian Siriano for Payless. They cost me NIS 160 which is about 40-42 bucks US which probably sounds expensive for Payless in the States. But for Israel it's cheap especially if the shoes are as comfortable as these. It's a second pair by Siriano that I bought in Payless and I'm so happy with them! Beats wearing leather but uncomfortable heels. And they are cool and sexy (why did I just remember the Fat Bastard from Austin Powers as I wrote "sexy"? I must be sick).

I loved wearing these pants and I want to wear them with all kinds of tops and shoes. Yellow shoes and a white t-shirt or a buttondown next? Red suede wedges and... Food for thought.

Monday, April 23, 2012


A funny thing happened to me yesterday. My parents who live in the same apartment (they have the ground floor, we have the top), so my parents went off to Eilat for 4 days. Yesterday morning I got dressed, kissed everyone good bye and left for work.

I really liked my outfit - neon pink jeans from H&M, chiffon blouse, black wedges (not shown).

After work I had to rush home, to be there for my Kid's return from school. So I thought I'd take more pictures at home. But while on the bus I realised that I forgot my house keys!!! Kid didn't have them either and my husband never takes keys to work (afraid to lose them plus someone's always home when he comes back). After initial panic attack (what to do? Drive about four hours to Eilat to get the keys?) I calmed down and thought of another way to get in. To cut a long story short, I knocked on my neighbor's door and had to climb over a pony wall from their back balcony to mine. I had to move my laundry out of the way and a pigeon-proof netting (that also prevents my cat from running over to the neighbors). Luckily the door to the apartment was not locked (it's a small laundry "back balcony" on the third floor, there is no danger of intruders, except through my neighbors' apartment, and we always lock the door when going away for extended periods of time. I'm glad my Mom didn't think of locking it up this time).
Taking pictures was out of the question, the jeans went straight into the laundry hamper, I apologized profusely to the neighbor (she said, what are you apologizing for? For entertainment?). But I was home in time for my Kid to come home. With dinner ready.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Patriotic Flowers

This season is all about flowers. All sizes of prints, all colors. The fashion blogosphere is literally blooming. The star of the season is, of course, H&M bright pants. Here are some examples.

I bought the same pants about a month ago but I haven't worn them yet. For some reason I want to wear them with heels. Yesterday I was in the mood for flowers but not for heels. So I pulled out my trusty Roberto Cavalli that I've had for about three years. People commented on me wearing blue and white as if in preparation for the Israeli Independence Day. Of course, the colors of our flag! How patriotic of me.

These pants came with the scarf-belt. But if I wear it as a belt it widens me to no end. So I wear it around my neck.

It was nice to run around in flats for a change.

The necklace was blue as well, you could only see a glimpse of it. I'm not sure what this kind of stone is called but it looks like it has glittery sand in it. I don't wear it often enough, don't know why.

I thought this outfit called for a neutral shoe. So I wore my Zara jelly sandals. I don't know why they're called "jelly" because they are leather, suede and studs. The Zara website has them in black and blue as well, but I didn't see the blue ones in the shop.

They are so comfortable and soft! There was a sure sign that these are good quality sandals. Half of the girls that work in Zara have them.

These "jellies" are from Zara Spring-Summer collection.

I didn't get them right away because I was waiting for these beauties to return to the shop. But these sandals are from the Winter collection and sadly they are not coming back.

This photo is from the Zara official site. I wish we had online shopping option here in Israel. But the only way to buy something is to haul your ass to the mall and do it in real life. Which is good and bad. Good because I could get mouse-happy and just click away at all the pretty things. Bad because some of the merchandize doesn't arrive to the shops where I live. I know that the Tel-Aviv branch has some stuff that I want. But I'm not about to spend a whole day getting there and back just for a shirt or a pair of shoes. Not because I don't want to. It's just not too convenient at the moment. Mind you, there is a shirt I'd love to get my hands on...

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Candy Colors

All those colors in yesterday post and the word "Gelato" made me wear candy colors today. I felt bright and bushy-tailed all day, even though slightly sleep-deprived. All this week I've been waking up at about 5 a.m. and stay in bed till six looking at the alarm-clock every 5 to 10 minutes. I blame the cat because he has energy splashes at dawn. He runs up and down the stairs, noisy as a horse, runs out and climbs on the roof, and I can hear him stomping on roofing tiles above my head. Must be Spring... Even though he's neutered...

Anyway, here is my close up.

I got these pale pink jeans in Zara. Super comfortable and soft, the rise is not too low, perfect jeans.

I wish the jacket was a bit longer. But it is what it is.

I love the floral tops on the left, they are very sweet "in person".

This season color palette is so optimistic. Even the plastic bag I've got in my hand fits the color scheme. It's a gift for my son's classmate. They celebrate birthdays at school. It's a small class, so they can do it. I'm always at a loss which gift to get and my son is not much help. So I just take an easy way out and buy a cool T-shirt. Kids need lots of T-shirts in the summer, right?

Funny, I've always liked neutrals and beiges. I guess, this season awakened my colorful side.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Outfit Repeat

The weather keeps warming up, so I decided to wear my beautiful shirt while it's still possible. In fact, I just wore the same outfit as here. Even the bag is the same, but with different shoes. These shoes are so comfortable, I wore them all day instead of taking a pair of flats with me. On the way home my heel got stuck in a crack in the pavement and it got scuffed real bad. So wearing flats on your way to and from work is not just about comfort but saving your shoes from injuries as well.

Wandered into H&M after work. Everything was so pink and green and blue and yellow!

I fit right in there with my colorful shirt.

And Zara was just awash with color. Look at that! By the way, the purse on the top shelf is delicious.
Floral pants, dresses, peach and strawberry colors! So pretty.

I love that pink coat. Except the lining that is made of the same fabric as your basic pantyhose...

All these colors are perfect for gelato inspired outfits as pictured on YouLookFab blog.

I have to put together an ice-cream inspired get up. Maybe tomorrow...

Monday, April 16, 2012

Inspired by a Blogger

I decided not to call this post "Impersonate a blogger" because the only item copied from Taylor of Sterling Style are the shoes. I admit, I saw these shoes on several fashion bloggers, lusted after them for a while and managed to snatch a pair on Zara end of season sale. The rest of the items are mine, I already had them in my closet, so there. 

I saved this photo in my Inspiration file under the title "Simple". And that's what I loved about the outfit. 

 It's not too hot to wear long dark jeans yet, so I went for it.

I got this top last summer and yesterday finally wore it for the first time.

I wore the jacket in the evening even though I could have managed without it.

I like the sheer panel on the top, it covers stuff and adds something interesting to it.

The shoes are pretty comfortable but I wore flats on the way, just in case.

Still wearing multiple bracelets. One bracelet doesn't seem enough anymore. I guess, it's not my "less is more" season.

I leave you with a cute cat picture. Husband trapped Snooker under his feet, but the cat didn't seem to mind. Of course, as soon as I snapped the photo he ran away. Too much unwanted attention to his undignified pose...

I thought today that I could spend eternity just sitting there with my nose buried into Snooker. He is so sweet and cuddly (when he's not chewing on my hands for fun)!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Derringer .46

Well, it's time to change the caliber again. I like searching the Internet for obscure weaponry in order to define my new age. I guess comparing myself with guns makes me feel good.

I wore candy colors to work and it really brightened up my day. Banana jeans and mint top from Zara felt like a treat and didn't look too bad in the mirror either. Which you cannot really tell from this picture.

Honestly, I take my pictures at Zara because they have the best mirrors!

Got a gift-card at work for Passover. Thought to spend it on groceries but supermarkets do not accept this kind of card. So what's a girl to do? Buy herself a comfy pair of Nine West leopard pumps.

There were heavy metals on my wrists. Here is an H&M bracelet and an Aldo watch.

And a bunch of chain-bracelets on the other wrist.

Birthday went by quietly. Came home from work, went to a grocery store for bits and bobs, hang out with the family and... Sat down to work in the evening after Kid went to bed. I had an urgent translation to start and finish, a Modern Family episode. I love this show even though it's comedy based on humiliation and embarrasment. I finished work a little after midnight and went to sleep. We might do something on the weekend to celebrate, but we don't know yet.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.