Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Oh yes, it was the day of the great reveal... when I wore my H&M floral pants. So I'm going to post all the photos, weird faces and all. I took the heels with me (they fit in my purse) and changed somewhere on the way to work.

The pants were a little big in the waist so I had to wear a belt. Otherwise they fit perfectly. Now I can buy pants at H&M without trying them on.

I wore a black top by Magashoni that my aunt sent from Denver. I have to do something about the shoulders slipping off and revealing the bra-straps. I have some ideas.

Snapped a photo in my Kid's bedroom, the lighting was good.

And in my closet. The light is crappy but there is more room to manouver.

The top has some interesting neckline detail.

And these are my new star-shoes. They are by Christian Siriano for Payless. They cost me NIS 160 which is about 40-42 bucks US which probably sounds expensive for Payless in the States. But for Israel it's cheap especially if the shoes are as comfortable as these. It's a second pair by Siriano that I bought in Payless and I'm so happy with them! Beats wearing leather but uncomfortable heels. And they are cool and sexy (why did I just remember the Fat Bastard from Austin Powers as I wrote "sexy"? I must be sick).

I loved wearing these pants and I want to wear them with all kinds of tops and shoes. Yellow shoes and a white t-shirt or a buttondown next? Red suede wedges and... Food for thought.

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