Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Two Dresses

The winter is gone and I can wear my dresses again. This week I wore two of the old faves. The first dress has a mixed animal print. I wouldn't even dare try and identify the zoo that's on it. I've had it for about four years and I still love it.

Had to wear a cardigan in the airconditioned mall. And my nude Nine West pumps that are the most comfortable shoes I own. So comfortable that I went and got myself another pair of those in leopard. I'll probably wear them tomorrow.

The other dress is covered in birds. Apparently it's the fashion these days. I bought it last year, the dropped elastic waist can be slightly tricky but the belt and the draping conceals a lot of stuff that need to be concealed.

Yellow shoes and non-descript bag (husband corrected me, he said it's understated. I agree, it sounds better. Basically, it goes with everything).

These shoes are very comfy too. Especially now that I can wear them barefoot.

It's my birthday tomorrow. Nothing special planned, work till 4 pm, then home. No work on Thursday, we're still in Passover mode. I'm trying to decide what to wear. Maybe I'll wear a scarf for a change. We'll see.


  1. Thank you, Fab! I love dresses (but always end up wearing jeans...) Why is that?