Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Outfit Repeat

The weather keeps warming up, so I decided to wear my beautiful shirt while it's still possible. In fact, I just wore the same outfit as here. Even the bag is the same, but with different shoes. These shoes are so comfortable, I wore them all day instead of taking a pair of flats with me. On the way home my heel got stuck in a crack in the pavement and it got scuffed real bad. So wearing flats on your way to and from work is not just about comfort but saving your shoes from injuries as well.

Wandered into H&M after work. Everything was so pink and green and blue and yellow!

I fit right in there with my colorful shirt.

And Zara was just awash with color. Look at that! By the way, the purse on the top shelf is delicious.
Floral pants, dresses, peach and strawberry colors! So pretty.

I love that pink coat. Except the lining that is made of the same fabric as your basic pantyhose...

All these colors are perfect for gelato inspired outfits as pictured on YouLookFab blog.

I have to put together an ice-cream inspired get up. Maybe tomorrow...

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