Thursday, April 26, 2012

Powerful Polkadots

It's the long weekend here in Israel, Independence Day.
Yesterday we worked till 1 p.m. which was great but didn't save me from and old crazy client yelling and trying to hit me with his walking stick. I didn't flinch and threatened to call security (which is bullshit, we don't have security). He left in the end. We've known this ass for about 5 years now and he is crazy as a bat. There was a little boy in the waiting room, poor kid got really scared. What a shame!

Anyway, felt all swish and powerful in my pencil skirt (maybe that's what helped me to deal with the loon).

Combining polkadots with stripes seemed like a brave step.

I got these shoes on Zara end of season sale. Suede and very soft, and the heel is low, so I just wore them to the bus and all.

These are size 7, so I had to stick on some heel-grips. Now they fit perfectly.

There was a nice surprise waiting for me at the store. They started selling Essie nail-polish. You could only find Essie in nail-salons before. So I bought two colors, Mint Candy Apple and Lilacism. And a base coat. I used to always wear MAC Underlacker but it got discontinued (Why? Oh why?). Now I got to try Essie and I really hope it's good.

Look at these colors. Mint is a reach for me, but if I don't like it on my hands I can always wear it on my toes. I've seen lots of bloggers with mint nails and I like it. We'll see what it looks like with my skin-tone.

Two more days without crazy clients. What a joy!

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