Monday, April 30, 2012

The Work Blues

I was glad I wore light colors yesterday, it helped me to get through a tough and annoying day at work. It's always hard to come back after a long weekend and yesterday was no exception. So blue flowers again but this time on a skirt.

Just an example of how I come up with an idea for an outfit. I was watching TV the other day and Drew Barrimore's character in the movie "50 first dates" was wearing a skirt with a t-shirt and a cardigan - I thought, hang on, I have similar things in my closet - there we go, an outfit. Different color scheme but same idea. This is why building a "wardrobe capsule" would never work for me. I dress according to my mood on any given morning. So my closet is all over the place. The only thing you won't find in there is cargo pants. I'm done with those.

Anyway, here I was all ladylike.

This is my old Zara cardi, I love this shade of blue.

These shoes used to be very comfortable, I think they stretched a bit over the 3 years I've had them. I'm very careful with them because I love them. I got them off ebay.

A bright necklace that is a bit scratchy when I wear it but what a lovely color!

And my first time ever with turquoise nails. Photographed in the "dying daylight" at 7 pm while waiting for the bus (I needed to occupy myself with something). Everyone commented nicely on my nails and the whole color-coordinated effort.

Thankfully, I am working at home today, translating a very crude comedy. Beats answering phones.

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