Monday, April 16, 2012

Inspired by a Blogger

I decided not to call this post "Impersonate a blogger" because the only item copied from Taylor of Sterling Style are the shoes. I admit, I saw these shoes on several fashion bloggers, lusted after them for a while and managed to snatch a pair on Zara end of season sale. The rest of the items are mine, I already had them in my closet, so there. 

I saved this photo in my Inspiration file under the title "Simple". And that's what I loved about the outfit. 

 It's not too hot to wear long dark jeans yet, so I went for it.

I got this top last summer and yesterday finally wore it for the first time.

I wore the jacket in the evening even though I could have managed without it.

I like the sheer panel on the top, it covers stuff and adds something interesting to it.

The shoes are pretty comfortable but I wore flats on the way, just in case.

Still wearing multiple bracelets. One bracelet doesn't seem enough anymore. I guess, it's not my "less is more" season.

I leave you with a cute cat picture. Husband trapped Snooker under his feet, but the cat didn't seem to mind. Of course, as soon as I snapped the photo he ran away. Too much unwanted attention to his undignified pose...

I thought today that I could spend eternity just sitting there with my nose buried into Snooker. He is so sweet and cuddly (when he's not chewing on my hands for fun)!

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