Friday, April 20, 2012

Patriotic Flowers

This season is all about flowers. All sizes of prints, all colors. The fashion blogosphere is literally blooming. The star of the season is, of course, H&M bright pants. Here are some examples.

I bought the same pants about a month ago but I haven't worn them yet. For some reason I want to wear them with heels. Yesterday I was in the mood for flowers but not for heels. So I pulled out my trusty Roberto Cavalli that I've had for about three years. People commented on me wearing blue and white as if in preparation for the Israeli Independence Day. Of course, the colors of our flag! How patriotic of me.

These pants came with the scarf-belt. But if I wear it as a belt it widens me to no end. So I wear it around my neck.

It was nice to run around in flats for a change.

The necklace was blue as well, you could only see a glimpse of it. I'm not sure what this kind of stone is called but it looks like it has glittery sand in it. I don't wear it often enough, don't know why.

I thought this outfit called for a neutral shoe. So I wore my Zara jelly sandals. I don't know why they're called "jelly" because they are leather, suede and studs. The Zara website has them in black and blue as well, but I didn't see the blue ones in the shop.

They are so comfortable and soft! There was a sure sign that these are good quality sandals. Half of the girls that work in Zara have them.

These "jellies" are from Zara Spring-Summer collection.

I didn't get them right away because I was waiting for these beauties to return to the shop. But these sandals are from the Winter collection and sadly they are not coming back.

This photo is from the Zara official site. I wish we had online shopping option here in Israel. But the only way to buy something is to haul your ass to the mall and do it in real life. Which is good and bad. Good because I could get mouse-happy and just click away at all the pretty things. Bad because some of the merchandize doesn't arrive to the shops where I live. I know that the Tel-Aviv branch has some stuff that I want. But I'm not about to spend a whole day getting there and back just for a shirt or a pair of shoes. Not because I don't want to. It's just not too convenient at the moment. Mind you, there is a shirt I'd love to get my hands on...