Monday, April 9, 2012


The husband is feeling better and he is back at work, so I can post an outfit I wore one of the days last week. It's my colorful Zara skirt with a bronze hued blouse.

A slightly more sane facial expression, jacket is off so everyone can see how glossy this blouse is. It's totally synthetic and is already packed away among my winter things. It's getting too hot for this kind of material.

I wore my Nine West suede pumps. As I noticed later, the skirt has purple bits on it, same color as the shoes. I am so observant.

I wore the skirt with tights and suffered slipping in my shoes a bit. A thin cork insert helped but still.

I figured the blouse was golden enough, so I wrapped some rope around my neck.

Close up of the bag and the shoes.

It's the bag I got at the secondhand store. I know it's vintage(ish) because it doesn't have the cellphone pocket. How's that for carbon dating?


  1. Thanks, it was a great ebay find. Though half a size too big. Over the years I've become quite an expert on shoe inserts...