Thursday, November 25, 2010

Pink Rock

Oh boy! I can finally wear my jackets! I started this past Monday. I decided that if winter doesn't want to arrive I'm going to coax it by way of dressing winterly. Does that make sense? I think it does, as evenings got much colder and I even pulled the winter blankets out of the storage. I left them frying in the sun on the balcony...

This is my gray suit jacket. It had a skirt partner but it was too short and didn't fit right, so it went into the donation bin. I'd love to replace the buttons but don't know exactly what buttons I'd like. Until I see something suitable.

Gray goes well with pink, so I grabbed my huge pink rock necklace. Luckily it's not as heavy as it seems. The pink rock demanded dark background, so I wore my v-neck t-shirt backwards. The jacket stayed on all day and nobody noticed.

Looks like I'm the only one who ever cleans this silly mirror! Come on people!

Got me a new nail polish. Orly "pixie dust". Weird color and weird formula. But I like it. It's exactly the same color as my faded "home" jeans. But it also matched the jacket. I should give Orly a try, I washed dishes several time and the polish stays on!

It looks more blue in this photo than in real life.

I used to have blue nail polish years ago (in my thirties when the trend first hit the malls). Who knew it would be back!

Comfy loafers for an 11-hour working day.

I matched them to the bag. This bag is older than my Kid. Some 8 years ago I got tired of it and gave it to my Mom. Last year she got tired of it and returned the bag to me.

I took this picture yesterday in the elevator. Imagine my surprize when I came to work today, entered the elevator and what! The mirror is gone.

Shoes and the bag together. Not a 100% match but close enough.

And now for the jewelry. My pink rock (trying to ignore the weird brown buttons).

Why does the silver look like gold in this picture? And the rock looks red. Must be the lighting, duh.

My vintage ring. Is a ring from the 80-s considered vintage? It's alexandrite, it changes color. It's greenish in the natural light and purple in electric. Sometimes it's in between. I love it. My parents gave it to me when I was in school. That was so long ago.

This ring is not vintage. And the crystals are not exactly these colors. They are champagne and pink. Damn lighting again. I wear it on my index finger inspired by the November InStyle issue, they had a lot of rocks in there. Including a Wendy Brandes ring.

This ring is smaller than Wendy's Clemence ring and it's silver, but the idea is there somewhere.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Of Pearls and Dogs

This week my long working day was moved from Monday to Wednesday, so I had a chance to visit my Kid's dog training course. It's on Monday nights and usually Husband takes him there. I'm so happy I finally got to see that.

But first - what I wore to work on Sunday.
I've seen other bloggers wear dresses with jeans and never thought I'd go for that. But this gray tunic "made me do it". I wore it last season like this with tights and a belt (pardon hand and paw-prints on the mirror...). But now I decided to wear it with my almost skinny black pants and heels and this is how it turned out.

Add knotted pearls and a big-ass ring and you're all set.

This is the first time I wore my new Nine West heels that I bought about 6 months ago. I'll have to take them to the cobblers for stretching.

If you're interested in my pearls-knotting technique, watch this video from youlookfab. Angie's knot is very simple but I'd never have thought of it on my own.
I tried to embed the video but it didn't work. So here's the link.

And now to the dogs. The training course is organized by a non-profit called Dogs for People. The website is here.

They arrive on site with a small truck full of dogs and some equipment. Most of the dogs are small. My kid started with a small dog too but then they allowed him to bring Boomer along. Here they are getting ready. Look at Boomer's eyes!

That little brown dog kept attacking Boomer! She was going ballistic, nervous little thing. Luckily Boomer doesn't eat small dogs. He fights with big males but likes/ignores pinchers and chihuahuas and such.

They were doing "slalom". Here the instructor helps my boys.

Most of the kids don't have dogs of their own. I hope this helps them understand and love dogs more. Look at these two!

Next photo is training the dogs to "stay". Boomer was pretty good at it but very soon he got tired or lazy and just plopped down on the pavement. You didn't have to persuade him not to move. Other kids with hyper dogs had harder time.

We came home, I took Boomer for a walk and after that he collapsed on the couch and started snoring right away. An eventful evening for a house dog. Snooker kept sniffing him, wanted to know where he'd been. What fun!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Ruffles Here I Come

Don't you just love it when people compliment you on your dress! It's always nice to hear.
So I took a bunch of photos yesterday, in the mirror and with self-timer. And... I had to delete most of them.

Anyway, here is the dress, I already posted my photo wearing it last year. Different heels this time plus my red purse, pearls and a brooch.

I broke my self-imposed shopping ban yesterday and bought my first ruffle cardigan. It's a pretty purple color and it has a belt that I'll either tie in the back or replace with a belt of my own. It was 30% off so I'm not that upset.

I also got this tartan scarf. I'll wear it with jeans if this winter ever comes our way. I'm telling you it's ridiculous! Almost end of November and 30 degree heat! That's 86 F!!! We are exhausted. Anyway, the scarf.

I pulled out of the storage some of my booties, but the tall boots are still sitting in boxes. No need for them to get dusty. My shoe closet is not that large so twice a year I switch my winter and summer "collections". Same with clothes.
And now for the Cat of the Day.
This is the empty toilet tissue packaging, I put it down by the stairs, went to put some shoes on, came back and... the packaging wasn't empty anymore. So instead of going to the bins I went around the house asking who wants a bag of cat. Snooker was rather amused, he loved the ride.
Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What to Wear

This week has been a little annoying at work. A managerial visit, hysterical people on the phone and an inept branch manager will do that to you.

And this Sunday outfit was a total failure. The top is clinging in all the wrong places, good thing I had to wear a shirt over it. Well, at least the color of the clogs matched the shirt perfectly.

Monday was a bit more successful (but no less annoying). I wore a dress by Jonathan Martin. It's so comfy, I felt like I was in my nightie. The only issue was the length. When I sit down in this dress it creeps up too high. I just had to hide my legs inder the desk.

Gray faux pearls and some silver bracelets finished the look.

This bag is quite old and it's not leather, I got rid of almost all non-leather bags as the quality was not so good. But I kept some of them including this one. It's roomy and handy and it traipsed all over Paris with me 2 years ago.
The weather still is not cool enough for a jacket or a cardigan. Even in the evening when I had to catch a bus home.
The only thing I took with me is a pair of flats. Good thing I did. I had to run a little bit to catch my bus and I couldn't have done it wearing these heels.

And now for the Cat of the Day shot.
It's Snooker in my kitchen. He was totally asleep until I pulled out my camera. He looked up but didn't move the hanging leg.

The dog is driving me crazy this week. He obviously ate something he shouldn't have and now his stomach is upset, he drags me outside at odd hours. Yesterday he woke me up at 5 a.m. Gotta go boil a ton of rice and feed him.

Friday, November 12, 2010


Some time ago I purchased this top. Another one of my blog inspiration cases. This one is Faux Fuchsia's fault, she loves bejeweled necklines and I just grabbed the opportunity to channel her. That day I forgot my camera at home and had to use the cellphone.

Note to self and my colleagues: wipe the kiddie handprints off the mirror.

Here is a closeup of the jewels. There are some blue ones in the mix which ties the top with the blue jeans. I think. Boy, it's a lot of exposed skin! But I couldn't put on a necklace, that would be overkill.

It was a long day at the office and all this week I've been coughing like crazy. So I came home (by bus! Husband needed the car) and decided to unwind with a glass of martini, I mean vermouth with a slice of lemon and some ice cubes. I like it without any mixers, I'm weird that way.

The boy fell asleep on the couch watching Family Guy again. Snooker snuggled up.

Isn't that cute? I took two almost identical photos of them and I'm posting both, that's how cute it is!

After we dragged the boy's butt to bed, Snooker changed his position slightly.
Behold the cat shot of the day!

I'm off to bed with a hot little pillow on my chest. You know those heating pads you microwave for 3 minutes? Great medical invention. They also help if you have the chills - put one between your feet and hug the other one, and you are set.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Romancing the Red

Forgetting your disk on key with photos at home results in serious lapses in blogging. It's Wednesday and I'm just getting around to post last Thursday outfit! I must admit, I wasn't feeling 100% with coughing and all, and laziness kicked in as well.

I'll start with the shoes close-up. These are Aldos, not quite my usual style, and I'm still not sure what to wear them with. So I decided to wear them with rolled up pants. The shoes are very comfortable in spite of the heel.

I rolled up the pants to show off the white straps. Wasn't sure about it but Husband said it looked good. He has a good eye for proportions and I trust his judgement. Hey, after 16 years of marriage he deserves it.

I saw this t-shirt in a shop paired with a black cropped tuxedo jacket. It had a rock-n-roll vibe and I grabbed it (I already had the tux from another shop). But even though it's November, the weather is too hot for a jacket. At least I could wear long pants again.

And now for the Sunday outfit. My beloved dress that I wore last on my birthday.

Fashion stylists say that you should wear color accessories "in threes", so here I've got red shoes, read bag and red watch. And the heart pendant necklace that I've had for years. I saw "Romancing the Stone" again, and in it Michael Douglas character gives Kathleen Turner a similar necklace. So I dusted it off and wore it for 3 days straight. Felt nostalgic and all.

I used to love that movie and still do. Not because I'm such a hopeless romantic, but because I loved backpacking in the jungle.
Here are my shoes (hardly suitable for backpacking).

And the watch. The strap is reversible, it's navy on the other side, but I prefer red. Another thing I like about it is not too much bling. I don't like too many diamonds on a watch. This one has just the right amount. It's a classic "sport elegant" style watch - an Israeli term. Would you call it preppy? Maybe.

There we go. Caught up a little.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Lace Paradox

I look for inspiration in blogs and fashion mags. InStyle puts outfits together, I look at them and suddenly it hits me - I have similar stuff in my wardrobe! The same with fashion blogs. Of course, it can be a treacherous path. I see something I like and it makes me want to go shopping. Such was the case with this top. I saw Fashionista Next Door in lace and gray jeans a while back. I'd love to link to that outfit post but it'll take me hours to find it. I have gray jeans, but over the summer I put on a bit of weight and they cut in giving me an ample muffin top. So I put on these gray pants instead. Nice to have a choice.

But I had to go shopping for the top and found it in one of my fave shops "Jump" for a ridiculous price, about 15 bucks.

Then I went shopping for a camisole. It turned out to be much more difficult. I brought home a snow-white microfiber cami only to find out it was too stark-white. And then I remembered that I already had a camisole the same cream-color as the lace! Duh! Always check your closet before you go shopping! Lesson learned... I hope.

Anyway, I bought the top in the middle of the summer and it was too hot to wear it. I had to wait all this time.

I went a size up from the usual, so this top is quite forgiving. And I love the gathered sleeves.

And now to the impulse purchases of the week. I couldn't resist getting Paradoxal by Chanel. The close up reveals some smudges... It's a very unusual color. Purple and gray at the same time. Perfect for winter, even though the temps are still in the thirties. Damn the heat!

The other impulse purchase was the ring. I got it in the second-hand store. The three bands are free-spinning which I keep doing all the time.

All in all I didn't do too bad this week. Meaning I didn't spend too much. There was a third purchase - MAC loose powder, but Mom and I decided to split a box. I just spooned half of the powder into the empty container I had left. We wear the same shade and this amount will last us for over a year. There you go, economy in action.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Dinosaur Story

My son loves dinosaurs. One of the drawers inder his bed is chock full of them. He has dino books and encyclopaedias in three languages. He knows all the types and names and stuff. His all-time fave movie is the Imax "T-rex Back to the Cretaceous".

Yesterday Kid's school organized a field-trip to the Ashdod museum. When he came home I asked him what they saw at the museum. "Old jars" he said. And then he said that he wants to open a museum in his own bedroom. And went to work. He drew, he cut, he stapled. He didn't even go walk Boomer with me. When he was done he called me into his room.

And there on the wall I saw the coolest dinosaur skeleton ever!!!

He cellotaped the skeleton to the wall and the tail was too long, so it went on to the wardrobe wall.

Those who watched "Jurassic Park" will instantly recognize the claw. It's a velociraptor. Maybe it's not 100% scientifically correct but I don't care!

Snooker had to get into the picture, of course.

I think my kid has a talent. I don't know what he can do with it yet, but he still has time to figure it out. And in the meantime I'll keep buying a pack of printer paper a month for his projects.

Pink in October

I wanted to mention the Breast Cancer Awareness campaign - Wear pink in October. Of course, it's already November, and I am late as usual. But I swear, I wore pink on the last day of October, Sunday the 31st. Sunday is the first working day of the week and pink was just what I needed to cure those Sunday blues. Plus the weather was OK that day and one could get away with 3/4 sleeves and synthetic fabric.

I wore a fuchsia tank top underneath to counteract the sheerness. Nobody wants to see your bra at work.

This was the perfect chance to wear my pink shoes once again. They look a bit bombastic in the photos. But in real life I got a bunch of compliments from girls at work.

When I saw them in a shop window I had to have a closer look. They had one pink and one black pair. The black ones looked boring. And the pink ones were in my size! The only thing that bothers me here is the zipper. It's too fat and obvious. Oh well, who cares. The color is outrageous. Plus the comfort factor. I wear them to work even on Mondays for 12 hours straight (OK i'm sitting most of the time but still).

Who would have thought that 12-hour-shoes could have such high heels!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

More Cat

This morning I filled up the dog-food bucket and left the empty sack by the stairs to take out later. Two seconds later Snooker tried to get inside. What is it with cats and empty bags? Of course I was too slow to whip out my camera. All I got was this innocent "I wasn't even here" look.

But the camera was out of the bag, so I decided to try out the "kids and pets" setting. It takes pictures without delay. I think it worked though the photos were a bit fuzzy.

Here is my Snow White. I love it that he's absolutely white, just some pink bits on the nose, ears and paws.

This is his "What are you bugging me for" face.

And here he got tired of me and the flash.

His face reminded me of the t-shirt I wore to work last Thursday. I don't wear t-shirts much, especially with cute pictures on them, but when I saw this one in a shop I just couldn't help myself.

I'll start with the close-up.

Don't you just love this fat cat?
And this is what the whole thing looked like. That is my work-shirt on the bench. We are supposed to wear a white shirt with a name tag. So I can wear whatever I want, it'll get covered up anyway.

These clogs turned out to be my best purchase of the season. They are perfect for pretty much any type and length of pants and go with skirts too. And they are very comfortable. I wore them twice just last week.

I started reorganizing my closet and putting away summer stuff. It's still hot in the daytime, but I started wearing jeans to walk the dog in the evening. Finally!!!