Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Romancing the Red

Forgetting your disk on key with photos at home results in serious lapses in blogging. It's Wednesday and I'm just getting around to post last Thursday outfit! I must admit, I wasn't feeling 100% with coughing and all, and laziness kicked in as well.

I'll start with the shoes close-up. These are Aldos, not quite my usual style, and I'm still not sure what to wear them with. So I decided to wear them with rolled up pants. The shoes are very comfortable in spite of the heel.

I rolled up the pants to show off the white straps. Wasn't sure about it but Husband said it looked good. He has a good eye for proportions and I trust his judgement. Hey, after 16 years of marriage he deserves it.

I saw this t-shirt in a shop paired with a black cropped tuxedo jacket. It had a rock-n-roll vibe and I grabbed it (I already had the tux from another shop). But even though it's November, the weather is too hot for a jacket. At least I could wear long pants again.

And now for the Sunday outfit. My beloved dress that I wore last on my birthday.

Fashion stylists say that you should wear color accessories "in threes", so here I've got red shoes, read bag and red watch. And the heart pendant necklace that I've had for years. I saw "Romancing the Stone" again, and in it Michael Douglas character gives Kathleen Turner a similar necklace. So I dusted it off and wore it for 3 days straight. Felt nostalgic and all.

I used to love that movie and still do. Not because I'm such a hopeless romantic, but because I loved backpacking in the jungle.
Here are my shoes (hardly suitable for backpacking).

And the watch. The strap is reversible, it's navy on the other side, but I prefer red. Another thing I like about it is not too much bling. I don't like too many diamonds on a watch. This one has just the right amount. It's a classic "sport elegant" style watch - an Israeli term. Would you call it preppy? Maybe.

There we go. Caught up a little.

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