Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Of Pearls and Dogs

This week my long working day was moved from Monday to Wednesday, so I had a chance to visit my Kid's dog training course. It's on Monday nights and usually Husband takes him there. I'm so happy I finally got to see that.

But first - what I wore to work on Sunday.
I've seen other bloggers wear dresses with jeans and never thought I'd go for that. But this gray tunic "made me do it". I wore it last season like this with tights and a belt (pardon hand and paw-prints on the mirror...). But now I decided to wear it with my almost skinny black pants and heels and this is how it turned out.

Add knotted pearls and a big-ass ring and you're all set.

This is the first time I wore my new Nine West heels that I bought about 6 months ago. I'll have to take them to the cobblers for stretching.

If you're interested in my pearls-knotting technique, watch this video from youlookfab. Angie's knot is very simple but I'd never have thought of it on my own.
I tried to embed the video but it didn't work. So here's the link.

And now to the dogs. The training course is organized by a non-profit called Dogs for People. The website is here.

They arrive on site with a small truck full of dogs and some equipment. Most of the dogs are small. My kid started with a small dog too but then they allowed him to bring Boomer along. Here they are getting ready. Look at Boomer's eyes!

That little brown dog kept attacking Boomer! She was going ballistic, nervous little thing. Luckily Boomer doesn't eat small dogs. He fights with big males but likes/ignores pinchers and chihuahuas and such.

They were doing "slalom". Here the instructor helps my boys.

Most of the kids don't have dogs of their own. I hope this helps them understand and love dogs more. Look at these two!

Next photo is training the dogs to "stay". Boomer was pretty good at it but very soon he got tired or lazy and just plopped down on the pavement. You didn't have to persuade him not to move. Other kids with hyper dogs had harder time.

We came home, I took Boomer for a walk and after that he collapsed on the couch and started snoring right away. An eventful evening for a house dog. Snooker kept sniffing him, wanted to know where he'd been. What fun!

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