Wednesday, November 3, 2010

More Cat

This morning I filled up the dog-food bucket and left the empty sack by the stairs to take out later. Two seconds later Snooker tried to get inside. What is it with cats and empty bags? Of course I was too slow to whip out my camera. All I got was this innocent "I wasn't even here" look.

But the camera was out of the bag, so I decided to try out the "kids and pets" setting. It takes pictures without delay. I think it worked though the photos were a bit fuzzy.

Here is my Snow White. I love it that he's absolutely white, just some pink bits on the nose, ears and paws.

This is his "What are you bugging me for" face.

And here he got tired of me and the flash.

His face reminded me of the t-shirt I wore to work last Thursday. I don't wear t-shirts much, especially with cute pictures on them, but when I saw this one in a shop I just couldn't help myself.

I'll start with the close-up.

Don't you just love this fat cat?
And this is what the whole thing looked like. That is my work-shirt on the bench. We are supposed to wear a white shirt with a name tag. So I can wear whatever I want, it'll get covered up anyway.

These clogs turned out to be my best purchase of the season. They are perfect for pretty much any type and length of pants and go with skirts too. And they are very comfortable. I wore them twice just last week.

I started reorganizing my closet and putting away summer stuff. It's still hot in the daytime, but I started wearing jeans to walk the dog in the evening. Finally!!!

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