Thursday, November 4, 2010

Dinosaur Story

My son loves dinosaurs. One of the drawers inder his bed is chock full of them. He has dino books and encyclopaedias in three languages. He knows all the types and names and stuff. His all-time fave movie is the Imax "T-rex Back to the Cretaceous".

Yesterday Kid's school organized a field-trip to the Ashdod museum. When he came home I asked him what they saw at the museum. "Old jars" he said. And then he said that he wants to open a museum in his own bedroom. And went to work. He drew, he cut, he stapled. He didn't even go walk Boomer with me. When he was done he called me into his room.

And there on the wall I saw the coolest dinosaur skeleton ever!!!

He cellotaped the skeleton to the wall and the tail was too long, so it went on to the wardrobe wall.

Those who watched "Jurassic Park" will instantly recognize the claw. It's a velociraptor. Maybe it's not 100% scientifically correct but I don't care!

Snooker had to get into the picture, of course.

I think my kid has a talent. I don't know what he can do with it yet, but he still has time to figure it out. And in the meantime I'll keep buying a pack of printer paper a month for his projects.

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