Monday, November 1, 2010

Guilty Pleasures from MAC

Some time ago I received an invitation from MAC to come and see the new Fabulous Felines collection that only now "reached our shores". I wanted to pounce on it right away but it took some planning. I work in Rehovot and the nearest MAC store is in Ashdod. Last week I finally made it. I dressed accordingly, there were all kinds of different feline prints on my dress.

The SA Maureen looks a bit like Maryanne from True Blood (the blood-thirsty maenad). She suggested to try the Luxe Leopard quad and I really like the result. In the end I pulled out my credit card and this is what I dragged home with me.

Luxe Leopard quad, paint pot in Painterly, blending brush and the little angled blush brush. I really needed a new blush brush. All this time I was using MAC blush brush # 2 which doesn't exist anymore, I bought it in Canada in 1997!

A close up of the eye shadows.

And here is my wrinkly eye with the artwork. I loved the shadows, they go on smoothly, blend and layer well and overall look was much better than on this photo (in my opinion anyway).

I've been a MAC convert ever since I discovered them in Canada. Took them years to get to Israel. They started with 2 shops in more upscale cities - Ramat Aviv and Tel Aviv, so I used to go all the way to Tel Aviv just to buy a lipglass or two. Now Ashdod store is just 30 min away and I'm happy.

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