Friday, November 5, 2010

Lace Paradox

I look for inspiration in blogs and fashion mags. InStyle puts outfits together, I look at them and suddenly it hits me - I have similar stuff in my wardrobe! The same with fashion blogs. Of course, it can be a treacherous path. I see something I like and it makes me want to go shopping. Such was the case with this top. I saw Fashionista Next Door in lace and gray jeans a while back. I'd love to link to that outfit post but it'll take me hours to find it. I have gray jeans, but over the summer I put on a bit of weight and they cut in giving me an ample muffin top. So I put on these gray pants instead. Nice to have a choice.

But I had to go shopping for the top and found it in one of my fave shops "Jump" for a ridiculous price, about 15 bucks.

Then I went shopping for a camisole. It turned out to be much more difficult. I brought home a snow-white microfiber cami only to find out it was too stark-white. And then I remembered that I already had a camisole the same cream-color as the lace! Duh! Always check your closet before you go shopping! Lesson learned... I hope.

Anyway, I bought the top in the middle of the summer and it was too hot to wear it. I had to wait all this time.

I went a size up from the usual, so this top is quite forgiving. And I love the gathered sleeves.

And now to the impulse purchases of the week. I couldn't resist getting Paradoxal by Chanel. The close up reveals some smudges... It's a very unusual color. Purple and gray at the same time. Perfect for winter, even though the temps are still in the thirties. Damn the heat!

The other impulse purchase was the ring. I got it in the second-hand store. The three bands are free-spinning which I keep doing all the time.

All in all I didn't do too bad this week. Meaning I didn't spend too much. There was a third purchase - MAC loose powder, but Mom and I decided to split a box. I just spooned half of the powder into the empty container I had left. We wear the same shade and this amount will last us for over a year. There you go, economy in action.

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