Friday, November 12, 2010


Some time ago I purchased this top. Another one of my blog inspiration cases. This one is Faux Fuchsia's fault, she loves bejeweled necklines and I just grabbed the opportunity to channel her. That day I forgot my camera at home and had to use the cellphone.

Note to self and my colleagues: wipe the kiddie handprints off the mirror.

Here is a closeup of the jewels. There are some blue ones in the mix which ties the top with the blue jeans. I think. Boy, it's a lot of exposed skin! But I couldn't put on a necklace, that would be overkill.

It was a long day at the office and all this week I've been coughing like crazy. So I came home (by bus! Husband needed the car) and decided to unwind with a glass of martini, I mean vermouth with a slice of lemon and some ice cubes. I like it without any mixers, I'm weird that way.

The boy fell asleep on the couch watching Family Guy again. Snooker snuggled up.

Isn't that cute? I took two almost identical photos of them and I'm posting both, that's how cute it is!

After we dragged the boy's butt to bed, Snooker changed his position slightly.
Behold the cat shot of the day!

I'm off to bed with a hot little pillow on my chest. You know those heating pads you microwave for 3 minutes? Great medical invention. They also help if you have the chills - put one between your feet and hug the other one, and you are set.

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