Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What to Wear

This week has been a little annoying at work. A managerial visit, hysterical people on the phone and an inept branch manager will do that to you.

And this Sunday outfit was a total failure. The top is clinging in all the wrong places, good thing I had to wear a shirt over it. Well, at least the color of the clogs matched the shirt perfectly.

Monday was a bit more successful (but no less annoying). I wore a dress by Jonathan Martin. It's so comfy, I felt like I was in my nightie. The only issue was the length. When I sit down in this dress it creeps up too high. I just had to hide my legs inder the desk.

Gray faux pearls and some silver bracelets finished the look.

This bag is quite old and it's not leather, I got rid of almost all non-leather bags as the quality was not so good. But I kept some of them including this one. It's roomy and handy and it traipsed all over Paris with me 2 years ago.
The weather still is not cool enough for a jacket or a cardigan. Even in the evening when I had to catch a bus home.
The only thing I took with me is a pair of flats. Good thing I did. I had to run a little bit to catch my bus and I couldn't have done it wearing these heels.

And now for the Cat of the Day shot.
It's Snooker in my kitchen. He was totally asleep until I pulled out my camera. He looked up but didn't move the hanging leg.

The dog is driving me crazy this week. He obviously ate something he shouldn't have and now his stomach is upset, he drags me outside at odd hours. Yesterday he woke me up at 5 a.m. Gotta go boil a ton of rice and feed him.

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