Friday, November 19, 2010

Ruffles Here I Come

Don't you just love it when people compliment you on your dress! It's always nice to hear.
So I took a bunch of photos yesterday, in the mirror and with self-timer. And... I had to delete most of them.

Anyway, here is the dress, I already posted my photo wearing it last year. Different heels this time plus my red purse, pearls and a brooch.

I broke my self-imposed shopping ban yesterday and bought my first ruffle cardigan. It's a pretty purple color and it has a belt that I'll either tie in the back or replace with a belt of my own. It was 30% off so I'm not that upset.

I also got this tartan scarf. I'll wear it with jeans if this winter ever comes our way. I'm telling you it's ridiculous! Almost end of November and 30 degree heat! That's 86 F!!! We are exhausted. Anyway, the scarf.

I pulled out of the storage some of my booties, but the tall boots are still sitting in boxes. No need for them to get dusty. My shoe closet is not that large so twice a year I switch my winter and summer "collections". Same with clothes.
And now for the Cat of the Day.
This is the empty toilet tissue packaging, I put it down by the stairs, went to put some shoes on, came back and... the packaging wasn't empty anymore. So instead of going to the bins I went around the house asking who wants a bag of cat. Snooker was rather amused, he loved the ride.
Have a great weekend everyone!