Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Strapless Cat

No, this is not my leopard revenge to my workplace. Yesterday was my day off and I went to see my lovely cousin who is visiting from Paris. And because it's been ungodly hot, I wore this little number.

I remember reading on a fashion blog (forgive me, but I don't remember which one) that leopard goes well with pink. That's why I carried my pink purse and put "Nouveau Pink" by MAC on my lips. Which you can't see because it's night and I ate all the lipstick already. But it turned out to be my fave for the summer.

The Zara wedges are comfortable, but for some reason we ended up standing around a lot, so the balls of my feet got quite sore. Little stick-on cushions helped but still.

My cousin is here for a month, we'll get together again soon. I'm so happy!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Navy and Banana

Now that I know what is going on in my life (-ish) the mood and energy for taking my own photos in Zara mirrors have returned and I even put some thought in what I wanted to wear yesterday. That is, I realised that I have to wear all my rarely-worn shoes while I have a chance. Because I'll be living in ballet flats and sandals until I find a new employment. So out came the suede Nine West... What are they? Platform sandals?

My banana colored jeans and the T are from Zara. I thought I lost the t-shirt and I was looking everywhere for it last week. Until I found it among the other tops and shirts on the shelf. Duh! That could mean one of the two things. A - I have too many tops, and B - I'm nuts. The jury is still out on that one.

This navy bag is a recent addition to my "collection". Justification - I didn't have a navy bag! Needed one pronto! It's by Max Moretti (chain of footwear and accessories' stores here in Israel), it's leather and made in India which is a plus. Bags made in India are usually good quality and well-made from my experience.

Please ignore the top of my head in the mirror...

The bag has zippers on both sides, opening them changes the shape a bit. See those suede "ears"? And you cat fit more stuff inside.

These shoes are very comfortable. But they rubbed one of my heels and now it hurts. Usually I carry around band-aids by the dosen, but yesterday I didn't have any in my new purse. So I suffered till I got to the car after work and changed into my flip-flops.
It totally changed the proportions of the outfit but I was going home, who cares!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

It's Hot

It's been really hot over here. Last two weeks were humid and sweaty, and it's not even August yet. European bloggers complain about the elusive summer, grey depressing skies and rain. So if anybody wants to switch countries, I'm ready!

In the meantime, life has taken a turn to the best. My job problems have been sorted out. Meaning I'll be there till the end of August and then I'm free! Yeah, baby! I'll be on the lookout for something different. Plus I have my translations so I'm not exactly jobless and desperate, they will be happy to give me more stuff to work on.

Anyway, here are some outfits from last week. Lightweight and summery, as you can see. This skirt is from a secondhand store, it's lined and it has pockets. The label says "Markwald". I tried to look it up online and found several sites - in US, UK and Germany. So I have no idea where the skirt comes from but I think it's vintage, it has that feel about it.

The purse is thrifted as well, and the top is almost the oldest thing in my wardrobe.

Yellow pumps seemed like a logical choice. They are so comfortable, I wish I had them in all colors.

This outfit was perfect for my 11-hour day (plus a blue work shirt worn open).

I marked the last day of the week with this dress. I love it, it fits me just right, just added simple black patent pumps (that I forgot to photograph) and apple-green purse. Red Phoenix Emporium Coco necklace feels right at home with this dress.

And the last photo of the week is supposed to help you understand just how hot it is. Snooker looks like he's been shot!

The dog was it better position today. He's been to the beach, swam in the Med and took a cool refreshing shower back at home. He'll be even better after I brush him out on the evening walk. But... I can't exactly shower the cat now, can I?

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Same Excuses

Just looked at the date of the last post - June 25th! Almost a month has passed and not a single post and for all the same reasons except one. Husband got another job, it's less money but at least he is not coming home exausted and half-dead. He is still working hard but it's not as bad as it used to be.

My job still sucks but hopefully I'll know what's going on at the end of the month.

The weather has been murderous, I saw a funny cartoon on one of the blogs (sorry, forgot which one): The Satan called, he wants his weather back. The heat and humidity are extreme and it's only July...

So I've been wearing dresses and light colors to try and create an illusion of cool. Ha!

This is one of my dresses. I bought it because it reminded me of my Grandma, she had a couple of dresses in similar style and pattern.

And this is my new top from H&M that I got for about 8 bucks and Zara flats also on sale.

Zara sale has been disappointing because there is nothing there that I like. Which also makes me happy because I'm not spending too much money.

I missed my blog. But at the same time, if you don't have anything nice to write, why bother? I'm waiting and hoping for the life to turn around so I have better things to write about.