Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Strapless Cat

No, this is not my leopard revenge to my workplace. Yesterday was my day off and I went to see my lovely cousin who is visiting from Paris. And because it's been ungodly hot, I wore this little number.

I remember reading on a fashion blog (forgive me, but I don't remember which one) that leopard goes well with pink. That's why I carried my pink purse and put "Nouveau Pink" by MAC on my lips. Which you can't see because it's night and I ate all the lipstick already. But it turned out to be my fave for the summer.

The Zara wedges are comfortable, but for some reason we ended up standing around a lot, so the balls of my feet got quite sore. Little stick-on cushions helped but still.

My cousin is here for a month, we'll get together again soon. I'm so happy!

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